PLNGNS will showcase upcycled wearable art with its first total-look collection at Berlin Fashion Week 2024

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Ukrainian label PLNGNS comes to the runway with  “Ain’t it different?,” promising us looks that will show the possibilities in the field of upcycling. 

Much like the gradual transformation of a painting, the designs of Ukrainian creator Mitya Hontarenko evolve with the addition of each distinct element. Known for their elaborately constructed footwear, PLNGNS will make its debut with its first total-look collection at Berlin Fashion Week.

Through the creation of wearable art, PLNGNS illustrates the fusion of sustainability, craftsmanship, and modern fashion.

With this design philosophy, PLNGNS became an influential contributor to a new, environmentally conscious, circular, and ethically grounded fashion industry. The collection will feature detailed garments highlighting this philosophy through the practical implementation of upcycling techniques.

After exploring various artistic methods for years, Hontarenko established his label in Kyiv in 2021. Through PLNGNS (Palingenesy), he demonstrates the innovative possibilities that arise from repurposing shoes and clothing.

Similar to creating a collage, he dissects the original products, breaking them down by hand into numerous individual components, and then skillfully molds them into entirely new shapes. The outcome is a collection of fresh shoes, jackets, and pants crafted from old sneakers and other used clothing items, distinguished by their intricate cut construction and architectural flair. The show concept was selected and awarded a prize money as part of the Berlin Contemporary competition by the Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises and the Fashion Council Germany.

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When: 11:00 – Wednesday, February 6 (invitation only)
Where: Pressecafé, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 29, 10178 Berlin