#DAMUR’s 15th high-end streetwear collection promises versatility and naughty elegance during Berlin Fashion Week 2024.

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The rebellion against labels in high-end streetwear signifies a departure from established norms and a rejection of the typical classifications and categories that often define fashion.

In this rebellion, #DAMUR invites everyone to express themselves freely in the hope to rewrite the current fashion narrative. Serving as a declaration of independence, designers and enthusiasts alike seek to break free from preconceived notions and rigid definitions. High-end streetwear becomes a vehicle for self-expression and individuality, challenging the expectations and limitations set by conventional labels. #DAMUR invites a fresh perspective that encourages creativity, authenticity, and a fearless exploration of personal style, contributing to the evolution of fashion as a form of dynamic, boundary-pushing art.

After working with brands like Alexander McQueen and Tim Van Steenbergen, designer Damur (Shih-Shun) Huang opened his namesake brand #DAMUR in 2015.

His studio is located in the Kreuzberg #DAMUR store, where he participates in all stages of production from the digital designs up to end-product adjustments. The brand excels at deconstructing the key aspects behind Berlin culture and rebuilds them with its own authentic collections. Beyond style, #DAMUR also embraces a mission of environmental responsibility. Their commitment is evident in the creation of bold streetwear from premium deadstock fabrics and adherence to fair production conditions.

The # in their logo serves as a visual pledge to distinctive, sustainable, and ethically crafted fashion—a symbol of a community that values both individual expression and collective responsibility toward the planet.

What to expect? Forget fashion norms. #DAMUR will inject some color and naughty elegance into Berlin’s nightlife.

The spotlight of the show will be on versatility, with pieces suitable for a spectrum of occasions. Think oversized silhouettes, asymmetrical designs, and cutout details. Whether for casual outings, daring evenings, or elegant gatherings, #DAMUR promises us to redefine our expectations and serve looks for any occasion. They got your back – and your front. 

Link: https://damur.fashion
Socials to follow: #DAMUR
When: 19:00 – Tuesday, February 7 (invitation only)
Where: NIO House Berlin, Kurfürstendamm 11, 10719 Berlin


Author: Kelly van Gemert