”…Sometimes you’re inspired and sometimes not, but you gotta give yourself the rigor to always be involved to make sure you capture the instant when inspiration comes…’ Get to know Lacchesi interview over KEYI!

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With an allure both captivating and commanding, Lacchesi’s unmistakable style transcends the conventional boundaries separating techno and trance. Hailing from Paris, this DJ and producer has crafted his own artistic identity, seamlessly blending rapid rhythms, bass lines, and melodies. As a founder of Maison Close Records, Lacchesi plays a role in shaping the label’s diverse and dynamic artistic direction. Much like his electrifying sets and productions, the label’s ethos has eclectic influences, creating a wider spectrum for listeners. 


Two years following his debut LP “P*nk,” label head Lacchesi makes a comeback with “Based On A True Story” – a 7-track multi-genre LP. This 10th release from the label delves into electronic music spanning from electronica to fast-paced techno, featuring downbeat deep sounds and Big Room cuts. It reaffirms Maison Close Records’ ambition to avoid being confined to a single genre.

Hey, Lacchesi! It’s great to have you here! Could you please tell us more about yourself and your journey in the industry? Where are you currently based, and how does it influence your work? 

Hello! Thanks for having me! I’m a DJ and producer based in Paris, France, and the co-founder of Maison Close Records. I was actually born here, so I’m very attached to the scene and have watched it evolve over the past decade. Most importantly, I’m excited to be a part of where it’s heading.

We’re thrilled to delve into your latest EP released on your imprint. Could you provide further insight into the release, beginning with the title ‘Based on a True Story’ and what it means for you? With a collection of 7 tracks spanning multiple genres, starting with ‘Not Like You,’ and ending with the same title as the release, these are our personal favorites. They seamlessly blend eclectic, interdisciplinary sounds into fast-paced techno. How would you characterize yourself as an artist following this release?

With this record, I really wanted to explore different genres, in opposition to most releases nowadays, where artists are often confined to one particular style in pursuit of streams, sales, and recognition. My partner and I already have a broad artistic vision for our label, as we don’t want to be pigeonholed into one genre. So, I thought I should allow myself to explore new sounds.

This release actually speaks a lot about me. Surprisingly, since its release a couple of months ago, I feel much more comfortable in the studio and happier with my work.

 Lacchesi keyi magazine Paris dj

It’s almost like I managed to find my sound with a multi-genre LP, which might not make sense, but strangely that’s where I’m at!

Having established a significant presence in the Parisian scene and gracing major venues both locally and worldwide, what are your forthcoming career aspirations, and how do you view the current landscape of the music industry?

Frankly, at the moment, I’m just grateful to be able to live by doing this, and I’m just hoping to be able to keep it up for as long as I can. Both my label and personal career have flourished since the COVID break, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet artists I admire, collaborate with them, and release on imprints such as Mama Told Ya. The audience seems way more open to listening to independent labels and up-and-coming artists than before.

I feel like the general increase in interest towards the scene – and I know this is a topic that divides actors in the industry – allows us to highlight the work of anyone involved and benefits all of us. Many things are changing, from how people consume music to how it’s showcased. We might as well try to understand how the different tools at our disposal could take our art and vision somewhere.

If you could tell us about your daily workflow, how do you usually get inspired and connect with music? 

I don’t really have one, but I always need to keep myself busy. Weekdays are for digging, heading to the office to work on Maison Close, or going to the studio.

Sometimes you’re inspired and sometimes not, but you gotta give yourself the rigor to always be involved to make sure you capture the instant when inspiration comes.

 Lacchesi keyi magazine Paris dj

Whether in the studio, while looking up some records, or in this business, there is this big importance of opportunity; it’s always about the next track, the next artist you’ll listen to, the next person you’ll meet…

When it comes to your label Maison Close, how do you go about selecting artists? Do you have specific criteria in mind? Two releases that immediately catch our attention are from Wallis and Askkin. Could you share more about the essence behind these releases? What is the future of the label?

With Maison Close, we are mainly focused on showcasing local artists and uprising talents. That’s how Maison Close will keep on working.

We don’t focus on a particular genre but are always excited to work on a release with an artist we share a vision with.

 Lacchesi keyi magazine Paris dj

It’s very nice to have everyone involved from the staff, the studio we work with, and the producer. Our aim for the next few years is to increase the production of releases but always strive for quality.

We’re reaching our five-year anniversary this spring and have been working on both a big release and some gigs to celebrate the label. We’ll be hosting one event here in Paris at La Machine du Moulin Rouge with the Fast Forward Crew, and we also have the opportunity to take over RSO Berlin for a label night. We’re very excited about what’s coming!

Before then, [MCR011] – Liminal Renders by BXTR will be released at the end of March. Go have a listen!

If you could tell us your ten favorite tracks from this year so far? What would it be? 

François X – Infinite Anthems

Elise Massoni – 10ft. Chaos

VILLA – Watering Dead Plants

Schacke – The Sickening

Mac Declos – Voy Voy

Danny Wabbit – Akira

Askkin – Porn To Pee Alive

Kuss – Nocturnal Contrast

Vel & LDS – Velds1

LAZE – Rashōmon

What does the future look like for Lacchesi?

Can’t really say, but only one way to find out ! 

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