“It’s a Weird Place”: Step into the mesmerising world of SMFORMA’s latest sound treasure, unveiled on vinyl format by Soil Records. + Track Premiere

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“It’s a Weird Place”: A Sonic Expedition into the Unknown

Step into the mesmerising world of SMFORMA’s latest sound treasure, “It’s a Weird Place”, unveiled on vinyl format by Soil Records. This four-track EP combines the electrifying essence of industrial techno-EBM with the captivating magic of alluring vocals, ensuring an immediate gravitational pull into its orbit from the very first note.


“It’s a Weird Place” transcends traditional musical boundaries, embarking on a fluid voyage where the tangible meets the ethereal, and tranquillity transforms into kinetic energy. 

With a nod to the gritty, industrial heartbeat of the late ’90s and early 2000s, SMFORMA injects a revitalised spirit into the beloved EBM genre.

It’s a sonic narrative that mirrors the complex dance of water, effortlessly shifting from solid to liquid, from motionless to vibrant movement.

“It’s a Weird Place” doesn’t merely skim the surface of sonic creativity; it plunges into the depths, exploring rich themes of liberation, and resilience, and celebrating uniqueness

Each track unfolds as a rhythmic guide, leading listeners on an emotional expedition akin to navigating the unpredictable tides of existence. It’s an auditory exploration that resonates with the flow of life, urging us to embrace the beauty found in the world’s vast diversity.

The creative minds running SMFORMA are Mario F. and Jogile D., whose collaboration sparks a fusion of sound as innovative as it is enthralling.

Mario extends his musical genius beyond this duo, venturing into solo projects like d.Forma, and amplifying the scene with the Catalan electronic punk duo, Dead Normal

Jogile D., a visionary artist from Lithuania now based in Barcelona, enriches the ensemble with her profound journey through electronic music and performance art

Her artistic pursuits, spanning nearly two decades, serve as a conduit for exploring her spiritual and cultural heritage, manifesting in performances that transcend mere entertainment to touch the soul.

With “It’s a Weird Place”, SMFORMA extends an invitation to audial adventurers and sonic explorers alike. This EP is not just a collection of tracks but a gateway to uncharted acoustic realms. 

So, gather your headphones, set your expectations aside, and prepare for an immersive journey through innovative soundscapes.

BUY HERE: https://dearsoil.bandcamp.com/album/smforma-its-a-weird-place



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