PARIS FASHION WEEK 2023 – KEYI x LEON EMANUEL BLANCK event in Le Carmen, Paris – analogue photography recap

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Let’s delve into a recap of the recent Paris Fashion Week 2023. This season marked a fascinating collaboration between the visionary designer Leon Emanuel Blanck and KEYI MAGAZINE. The culmination of their creative synergy was showcased in a unique after-show event held at Le Carmen, strategically positioned in the vibrant heart of Paris.

In this visual recap, analogue photography captures the symbiotic relationship between fashion and art. The timeless quality of the images reflects the enduring impact of the collaboration between KEYI and LEON EMANUEL BLANCK, creating a lasting imprint in the vibrant tapestry of Paris Fashion Week 2023.

As we flip through the analogue photographs, we witness not just a fashion event but a multidimensional artistic experience. Each image serves as a portal, inviting us to delve into the intricate details and otherworldly aesthetics that define this collaborative venture.

Le Carmen - Paris Fashion Week 2023

Le Carmen stands proudly among the illustrious trio of Mansart, Le Dépanneur, and Moloko, anchoring the vibrant essence of Pigalle’s golden triangle—the burgeoning nocturnal paradise within the heart of the city.

The opulent Belle Époque mansion, once the abode of composer Georges Bizet and the birthplace of his renowned opera Carmen, has metamorphosed into Le Carmen—a bar/club exuding an old-world charm, whisking you away to a bygone Parisian era, yet seamlessly intertwined with a contemporary allure.

Le Carmen - Paris Fashion Week 2023

The elaborate lofty ceilings, a series of cozy lounges, grand mirrors, adorned statues, and elegant colonnades, along with the opulent red velvet armchairs and sofas, collectively compose an ambiance reminiscent of a refined and intimate boudoir.

Adjacent to majestic glass chandeliers, a gilded cage adds to the allure, while the soft, understated lighting contributes to the scandalously captivating essence of this unconventional space—a hub where revelers dance and celebrate from 6 pm to 6 am.

There is no good event without good music. Our DJ’s cared for the specially selected uplifting italo / disco / dark disco / EBM tracks to keep the good vibes and adjust the cinematic space of Le Carmen.

Tomasz Guiddo – DJ & producer ( Compost/Fine Coincidence ) coming straight from Berlin
honoured us to be a part of the line up
Izabella Chrobok & co-creator of KEYI was also Doing that night.

The event unfolded as a sensory journey, weaving together elements of fashion, art, and culture. Attendees were treated to a fusion of distinctive designs and the editorial narrative crafted by KEYI MAGAZINE.

The ambiance of Le Carmen added an extra layer of sophistication, immersing guests in an atmosphere where every detail resonated with creativity.

Paris Fashion Week 2023
Amsterdam based DJ & producer Dave Clarke made us a great surprise. Thank you 🙂

The after-show event not only celebrated the culmination of the Paris Fashion Week but also emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in the realm of fashion.

Jasmine Azarian – multifaceted artist who has her exhibition in top world’s locations
like Louvre Paris honoured us with her visit
Paris Fashion Week 2023
Photo (c) Tomasz Guiddo
first of the roll from Tomasz Guiddo
Picture from the showroom of Leon Emanuel Blanck.

As the attendees reveled in the post-show atmosphere, it became evident that this collaboration had succeeded in redefining the traditional fashion showcase. The blending of Leon Emanuel Blanck’s design philosophy with the editorial storytelling prowess of KEYI MAGAZINE created an event that was more than a display of clothing – it was a celebration of creativity and a testament to the evolving nature of the fashion industry.

Grzegorz Bacinski and editor in Chief of Keyi Magazine
was also playing special italo disco set during that night.

LEON EMANUEL BLANCK’s Spring Summer ‘23 bears witness to Blanck’s vision of an alternate, ANFRACTUOUS DISTORTION universe becoming a reality. A fusion of clothing, jewelry, sculpture and furniture collide to create a parallel world, defined by alien landscapes and warped figures in motion.

Clothing items bear witness to the meticulous craftsmanship and avant-garde design philosophy that defines Blanck’s work. Each garment becomes a wearable sculpture, a piece of art that transcends the traditional confines of fashion. The collection is a symphony of textures, shapes, and colors, with each element contributing to the overall otherworldly aesthetic.

The inclusion of jewelry and accessories further elevates the transformative nature of the collection. Blanck seamlessly integrates these elements, turning them into essential components of the narrative he crafts. The jewelry becomes an extension of the wearer’s connection to the alternate universe, enhancing the overall impact of the enigmatic designs.

Pictures : @keyistudio

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