Discover Ellen Allien ‘s Distinctive Sound: ‘Rave Luv’ EP Highlights Vibrant Vocals, Dynamic Drums, and Futuristic Synths + Video Premiere

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“Rave Luv” perfectly showcases Ellen Allien’s signature sound with its playful manipulated vocals, potent drum arrangements, and synths.

Watch video premiere here:

Reflective of her sets and We Are Not Alone events in Berlin, this EP channels the diverse influences garnered from her global performances over the past year, drawing inspiration from dancefloors and dancers alike, serving as her creative fuel.

Ellen Allien’s journey serves as a blueprint for a thriving underground community and establishing a grounded career in music. We could see that not even once during her own parties at RSO. With each event, Ellen Allien creates an environment where creativity thrives, where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate music and art in its purest form. Her parties at RSO are not just gatherings; they are immersive experiences, where attendees are encouraged to explore new sounds, express themselves freely, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Her playful creativity and willingness to share knowledge infuse her art with an infectious energy and inspiration, impacting subcultures spanning music, art, design, and fashion in her hometown of Berlin.

Within her innovation and motivation, Ellen’s understanding and intuitive approach to music is inherent to her being. She has not only cultivated her unique identity but has also played an important role in shaping the global evolution of electronic music.

Her forward-thinking sound pays homage to techno’s early pioneers while offering a glimpse into the future, painting a vivid picture of the musical landscape ahead.

In the collaborative venture titled AFTER DARK – EMOTIONAL STATES OF TECHNO, Ellen Allien joined Stini to craft a vibrant visual rave experience, brought to life by AKKURAT Studios and featuring authentic Berlin ravers. Techno and Berlin are synonymous, representing a fusion of music and dance culture unparalleled anywhere else.

Directed by Stini Roehrs @stiniroehrs

Featured @keyimagazine

Director of Photography & Edit: I AM JOHANNES

Dancer: Maximilian D’Antonio @maximiliandantonio

Production Assistant: Agnes Virag @agnesvirag_____

Thanks to RSO Berlin

Rave Luv is written & produced by Ellen Allien, co-produced by Kamran Sadeghi // @ellen.allien + @kamran_sadeghi_official

Mastering by Loop-O // @lupo_lubich



Ellen Allien


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