KEYI Magazine brings together the fashion art music in one place OXI for Berlin Fashion Week official side event with partners: Studio 5 & C/Lens – Chinese Indie Film Festival

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Door open 5pm – start 6 pm! Limited capacity!

Pre-register now and get your ticket!

Berlin Fashion Week’s official side event by Keyi Magazine x Oxi is back! with another solid version this time with summer garden vibes from 5 pm with fashion shows, performances, art, sample sale of various designers, Asian vegan food, screenings at night outside & 2 floors of music inside!
On July 4, 2024, we will open the door at 5 PM, and the event will officially start at 6 PM – with an open-air garden where visitors can slowly gather for fashion shows. With good music, a sample sale market, vegan Asian dishes from Rolls Berlin, and more surprises.
At 8 PM, the fashion shows will begin, curated by Studio 5, led by our Art Director Elke Degenkolb. Elke is known for her work on runways at fashion events like Neo.Fashion Berlin and Cinnetica Festival, and as a visual merchandiser for brands like Jil Sander, Prada, Strenesse, Bogner, and Wolford.
Then at 9 PM, the core of our fashion program will take place – Jack Irving – an iconic fashion designer from London with his breathtaking fashion installation. When the sun sets, the afterparty will begin directly on two inside floors – with iconic electronic music by DJ NASTIA and a FLINTA* & Queer line-up. Everything will be announced step by step to build excitement, follow our social media for it.
There is also an opportunity to enjoy the artworks of Jasmine Azarian, Raphael Comodino, Marina Zumi, and Surrolie.

Runway shows

The runway shows, starting at 5:30 PM, will feature both emerging talents and established designers.

Raluca Irena

With messages like “Empty hearts- Full Bag$” and “I wish I was obedient,” Berlin-based Romanian fashion designer Raluca Irena boldly challenges the status quo. Her designs encourage people to look inward, inspiring them to reconsider and possibly change how they see themselves and their role in society. Her debut show Aporia, stood as a statement against fast fashion, crafted entirely from upcycled materials. Since then she continues to make her collections choosing themes around human behaviour. This is shown in MaterialME, where Raluca used only supermarket packaging for her designs. Raluca’s commitment to sustainability underscores her mission to provoke thought and inspire action in both fashion and societal consciousness.
Follow @raluca.irena

Moulham Obid

Designer and artist Moulham Obid was born in Massiaf, Syria but moved to Vienna (Austria) in 2014, where he attended the Herbststrasse Fashion School. His couture collections are defined by his exciting detailed creations which are handcrafted over hundreds of hours. With elaborate patterns, artistic draping and pleats, Moulham Obid captures a vision of modern femininity which elevates his clients individuality. His designs reveal the clients desire to present a mixture of modern linear structure with romantic imaginative femininity. All the while framing the character of the client and her tastes.
Visit & follow @moulhamobid

Meriska Suparman

Meriska Suparman, originally from Indonesia, blends traditional craftsmanship with new materials, creating pieces that challenge societal norms. She emphasizes sustainable and ethical fashion, aiming to create a strong emotional connection between the wearer and the garment. Her latest collection Homo Digitalis, explores our increasingly digital world where constant connectivity and surveillance blur the lines between convenience and control. She uses fashion as a medium to express her view on the complexities of surveillance culture and our existence as digital humans. By merging art, craft, and technology, Superman explores the pervasive monitoring taking place in our modern lives.
Visit & follow @meriska_suparman

KOLO Berlin

KOLO Berlin is a young label that will showcase their new streetwear collection Sand and Dust. Blurring gender lines with robust workwear fabrics, this collection draws inspiration from nature’s extremes, creating bold new shapes. Each year they present one ready-to-wear collection that sustains their progressive aesthetic. Sand and Dust transforms discarded advertising banners into protective covers, symbolizing resistance and the creation of a resilient, protective layer in response to environmental changes.
Visit & follow @kolo_berlin

Fashion Market

In addition to the runway shows, we will host a fashion market showcasing the work of both established and emerging designers. The perfect opportunity to admire their creations up close, try on some of the pieces, and perhaps even leave with a new look. Below is the current lineup of our vendors. The fashion market will be open from 5pm to 10pm.


Imagine reinventing your wardrobe using pieces you already own instead of buying something new. UIIBA Club aims to help you maximize your existing wardrobe, inviting you to rediscover your clothes and learn the art of upcycling.
Visit & follow

Nur Hektor

Chilean designer Hektor responds to deconstructivism with is brand Nur Hektor. Sensual, sexual silhouettes are achieved through experimental pattern making, tailoring techniques, and material research. His handmade and sustainable designs embrace simplicity, break tradition, and defy gender norms.
Visit & follow @nur_hektor


MARIOS is an independent brand since 2001 that prioritizes the fusion of aesthetics and functionality in its contemporary garments. Timeless, unisex and ideal for everyday wear. Its design ethos emphasizes simplicity and rationality, catering to conscious consumers who view clothing as a means of self-expression. MARIOS embodies a manifesto of aesthetic expression tailored for modern individuals seeking versatile and ageless style.
Visit & follow @marios_collective


Follow @indiabrancacrochet
INDIA BRANCA, meaning “White Native” is the brainchild of designer Letizia Julie Sormani, is the name for her brand that was bestowed upon her by a fishing community on an island in northern Brazil. Taught the basics by a Colombian friend, she has since developed a unique style characterized by her use of deadstock and recycled yarns, as well as upcycled accessories from charity shops. Her creations stand out for their uniqueness, sustainability, and respect for the environment.

SheezenSheezen is a modern sustainable brand founded in Kyiv. The name Sheezen is derived from the Japanese ‘shizen’, meaning naturalness and lack of pretence. Their pieces stand out with deconstructionism and experimental asymmetric cuts, allowing each individual to express their own distinct style. Each of their garments is crafted from certified organic fabrics, recycled materials and deadstock textiles, underscoring their commitment to sustainability. Their adaptive capsule wardrobe makes it easy to any weather to create adaptable looks for any occasion.

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“ZL” are the initials of designer Zoie Lam, while “LISM” stands for her philosophy and ideas.  As the creator of the imaginary planet Zlism, her painterly vision tells of the residents and happenings of this surreal world. The subjects of the world of ZLISM are imaginary creatures modelled on various food items, which are from an imaginary ‘Food Planet.’ ZLISM’s collection can also be shopped online here.
Follow @zl_by_zlism


IMPOPSIBLE is a contemporary all-gender(s) fashion label launched by the creative mind of the video-performer Bernardo Santarelli. Visionary, abstract and surreal, IMPOPSIBLE combines the rough decadence of Berlin’s architecture with pop avant-garde elements. Futuristic lines, eclectic details and the exquisite research for unconventional materials merge together to create innovative and always unique pieces, overcoming and subverting the usual ideas of the normative beauty.
Visit & follow @impopsibleberlin Studio Studio is as a platform for fashion, music, and art. Beyond aesthetics, they create discussions on sustainability, womanhood, and consumerism. With an ethos of authenticity, Studio showcases makeup-free models and unaltered imagery, celebrating diverse forms of beauty.
Visit & follow @wu.er_studio


Driven by their quest for a distinctive approach to fashion, TrashyXTreasure blends art with recycling, provocative narratives, and historical anecdotes. Their passion especially ignites when they delve into the realm of 70s to 90s cinema, embracing the allure of tacky, vibrant fashion. However, the primary wellspring of inspiration stems from found materials, each possessing its own unique story. There’s a thrill in haphazardly scattering these materials on the floor, letting serendipity guide our creative process.
Visit & follow @trashyxtreasure


BONDAGE FACTORY is the brainchild of Rodrigo Cabrera. Through their provocative, genderless designs, BONDAGE FACTORY dismantles norms in order to create a non-judgmental society. By blending textures, silhouettes, and sustainable materials, they redefine versatility and inclusivity in unisex fashion. 
Visit & follow @bondagefactory_

Ambra Fiorenza

Founded in 2014, Ambra Fiorenza’s Slow Fashion Brand is based in Berlin. To set a trend against the fast-paced fashion industry, Ambra Fiorenza decided to create collections, that are free from seasonal constraints.
Using sheer fabrics & bold prints she produces eye-catching wearables with a strong attitude and a recognizable look that is heavily influenced by art.
She aims to bring art into everyday life, creating garments that are like artworks, loaded with a unique energy. At Ambra Fiorenza, art and fashion come together to create sustainable, unique, and artistic garments with a focus on craftsmanship.
Visit web & follow @ambrafiorenza


bond_free is a small Berlin based label for high quality latex gear. They transform latex and classical fetish aesthetics into elegant and playful accessories, suitable for spicing up your everyday look, or creating your whole outfit for the night. Vegan, genderless and versatile to wear made for combination, to wear as layers, on top of other clothes or, most sensually, on your naked skin.  
Visit & follow @bond_free


Berlin-based wearable art & slow fashion brand. Each piece is meticulously handmade by a dedicated artisan, celebrating the unique beauty of craftsmanship. As a one-woman business, Tensilis embodies the spirit of individuality and sustainability, offering exclusive designs that stand out in a world of mass production.
Visit & follow @tensilis.crafts

Come early & stay looooong …

Door open 5pm – start 6 pm! Limited capacity!

Pre-register now and get your ticket!

Berlin Fashion Week official side event

This one is about to elevate the fashion experience to new heights, featuring renowned artists such as the exceptional fashion installation by Jack Irving & Ukrainian iconic DJ: Nastia, and more surprises!

Paris Hilton lady gaga jack Irving Keyi Magazine

JACK IRVING – the iconic London-based designer is at this event with us with fashion installation!

His collections of wearable art, creating his own cosmic worlds of his hyper-reality. Over recent years Jack Irving has expanded his designs away from the body and into immersive installation experiences. Jacks has designed and created costumes for the Doja Cat VMA performance, Paris Hilton, Cheryl , Lady Gaga and also worked on costumes for Spice Girls – Spiceworld Tour. He also has his own episode on Heidi Klum’s Germany’s Next Top Model featuring his wearable art.

Most recently Lady Gaga featured her collaboration with Jack in American Vogue as one of her top 20 most iconic looks of all time. 

Best Ukrainian Electronic Music DJ : NASTIA

There will be a special DJ set by Nastia, one of the world’s leading electronic music DJs from Ukraine, known for her performances at top international festivals.

The event will also feature performances with a balanced lineup, including Peter Kirn (live), Charlie, Paty Vapor, Berlin Bunny, Aura Nox, Milian Hermes, Eyes Dice, YESL, Elena Bi, Ricardo Castro, Kevin Paschold, Michael Lane and more. 

Happy to partner up with C/LENS – Chinese Indie Cinema for screenings during our event!

CiLENS e.V.  is a Berlin-based, non-profit film curation collective that explores the potential of cinema as a space for transcultural dialogues, through the showcase of independent Chinese films.

More updates will come step by step … so stay tuned and follow us on socials!!

Come early & stay looooong …

Door open 5pm – start 6 pm! Limited capacity!

Pre-register now and get your ticket!

Do you want to apply as DESIGNER, Make Up & Hair, Model or MEDIA/PRESS/VOLUNTEER?

for this 4th of July or potentially next edition (February 2025) please follow the link here!