Fourth single from VEIL OF LIGHT fifth album ‘Landslide’ with a video premiere of the track “No Return” out now.

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2020 has been one rough ride for everyone, forcing us all to review what we thought was normal and maybe, one would argue, even our priorities.

Two years have passed since their previous Inflict LP and we don’t really know how what recently happened impacted on the band’s mastermind Michael but what’s sure is that Veil Of Light are now a fully grown-up band.
Landslide is their fifth full-length (and their third on Avant!) and it’s definitely their most elaborated album.

Ten new songs, rather than the usual eight, with a perfect balance of Coldwave-inspired intimate atmosphere and synthpop catchy melodies. Musically speaking it’s still clear where the Swiss duo draws their influences from, right in between New Order’s moodiness and The Klinik trying one softer, less brutal approach to their Electro. But a new sense of privacy is reflected all through these new tracks, enhanced by lyrics now more personal than ever.

The Prayer Wheel is a page torn out of a private diary, Love And Money is a mechanical mantra for a no-way-out situation; Suburban War is a confession of defeat whispered at night, No Return is the last dance before reaching the point of.

This is the kind of record that takes its time, and takes its toll, we just need to sit down and listen because there’s much to discover.

RIYL: Depeche Mode, New Order, Naked Eyes, Lust for Youth, Black Marble.c

2020 年對每個人來說都是一段艱難的旅程,迫使我們所有人重新審視我們認為正常的事情,甚至有人會爭辯說,甚至我們的優先事項。

距離他們上一張 Inflict LP 已經過去了兩年,我們真的不知道最近發生的事情對樂隊的主謀 Michael 有何影響,但可以肯定的是,Veil Of Light 現在已經是一個完全成熟的樂隊。

Landslide 是他們的第五張全長專輯(也是他們在 Avant 上的第三張!),這絕對是他們精心製作的專輯。

十首新歌,而不是通常的八首,完美地平衡了受冷波啟發的私密氛圍和合成流行樂曲朗朗上口的旋律。從音樂上講,這對瑞士二人組的影響力仍然很明顯,就在 New Order 的喜怒無常和 The Klinik 對他們的 Electro 嘗試一種更柔和、更不殘酷的方法之間。但是,通過這些新曲目體現了一種新的隱私感,現在比以往任何時候都更加個性化的歌詞增強了這種感覺。

轉經輪是從私人日記中撕下的一頁,愛與金錢是無路可逃的機械咒語;城郊之戰是夜裡低語的告白, 不歸路是未到地步的最後一支舞。


RIYL:Depeche 模式、新秩序、裸眼、青春的慾望、黑色大理石。’

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