Patanjali is Amotik’s second full-length album to be self-released on 4th March 2022 + Track Premiere

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The album is the British born DJs follow-up to his debut LP, “Vistār” from 2019 which was given several accolades including “Album of the Month” in Mixmag and featured as an “Essential Album” in Groove Magazine.

Patanjali took inspiration from Amotik’s late grandfather and was named after his yoga ashram. Although not identifying as particularly spiritual, he believes the influence of his grandfather subconsciously reverberates throughout his own. While his music could be considered straightforward techno, it simultaneously has an intensely hypnotic and meditative quality that subtly speaks to these deeply embedded influences in his upbringing.

The album features 10 tracks rich with elements of ambient, breakbeat and textured soundscapes while maintaining foundations firmly rooted in techno. Amotik avoids flavour of the month trends and stays true to his own sound.

“I wrote this album when we were in the harshest moment of the Berlin lockdown. I was able to take some time out from the world around me and channel my energy on writing after a long studio break,” said Amotik – of how Patanjali turned out to be a mix of dreamy escapism combined with the urge to be back on a dance floor once again.

Amotik has steadily built a solid base in Berlin since moving from the UK several years ago, beginning in 2015 with successful EPs on his self-titled imprint, as well as labels such as 47, BPitch Control and Figure. His unique artistic style – hypnotic/atmospheric techno with a relentless and raw undertone has seen him gain fans as a producer and DJ seeing him regularly perform at some of the most exciting clubs and festivals around the globe.


这张专辑是这位英国出生的 DJ 继 2019 年的首张 LP 专辑《Vistār》之后推出的,这张专辑获得了多项荣誉,包括 Mixmag 的“本月专辑”,并被 Groove 杂志评为“基本专辑”。

Patanjali 从 Amotik 已故的祖父那里获得灵感,并以他的瑜伽修行会命名。尽管他并不认为自己特别精神,但他相信他祖父的影响会潜意识地回荡在他自己的身上。虽然他的音乐可以被认为是直截了当的技术,但它同时具有强烈的催眠和冥想的品质,巧妙地说明了这些在他成长过程中根深蒂固的影响。

这张专辑收录了 10 首曲目,其中包含丰富的环境、节拍和纹理音景元素,同时保持牢牢扎根于 techno 的基础。 Amotik 避免了月份趋势的味道,并忠于自己的声音。

“我在柏林封锁最严酷的时刻写了这张专辑。在长时间的工作室休息之后,我能够从周围的世界中抽出一些时间,并将我的精力集中在写作上,”Amotik 说 – 帕坦加利是如何成为一种梦幻般的逃避现实与回归生活的冲动的混合体。舞池再次。

自从几年前从英国搬到柏林以来,Amotik 已经在柏林稳步建立了坚实的基础,从 2015 年开始,他的同名品牌以及 47、BPitch Control 和 Figure 等品牌都获得了成功的 EP。他独特的艺术风格——催眠/大气的电子音乐,带有无情和原始的基调,让他作为制作人和 DJ 赢得了粉丝,看到他经常在全球一些最激动人心的俱乐部和节日表演。