Berlin-based artist, The Allegorist, has been meandering through stories with her purposeful and introspective take on electronic music + Track Premiere

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Through wetland, winters, rubble and fallout come horizons new; civilisation shattered under a vengeful cataclysm, eventually led to dawn from the light of a blighted leader. Every action has a reaction, and those who wish to prosper must first be willing to offer some- thing of intrinsic value. As one empire crumbles, another takes its place. The struggle for a fleeting utopia comes at a cost, and those who strive towards golden gates must trek along a solemn valley.

Berlin-based artist, The Allegorist, has been meandering through stories with her purposeful and introspective take on electronic music. Each release explores themes that require joint participation from the listener as they look to flood your mind with images of fa- bled characters and places through her artistic soundscapes. Her carefully build worlds that straddle sci-fi and fantasy, feeding off of the light and dark dualism are the perfect blend of reflective contemplation and storytelling.


Tracklist Vinyl

A1 Redwinged Phoenix

A2 Marching Crowd A3 Blind Emperor
B1 The Sacrifice

B2 Moving Forward B3 War Priests

As a holistic artist, Anna Jordan (The Allegorist) encapsulates a myriad of her talents within her work. Her previ- ous albums, Hybrid Dimensions I and Hybrid Dimensions II, established her aesthetic and detailed fictitious stories, along with the language ‚Mondoneoh‘, a language to unite all nations. Her latest endeavour, and 4th album, The Blind Emperor, portrays the essence of a mythical land that tells of struggle that will lead to prosperity. The pro- tagonist, The Blind Emperor, leads

the charge into a brighter tomorrow. Like chapters from a novel, each track allows the listener to be carried by the story.

It is an epic, cinematic, choral, ambient techno album. The album combines her depictive, written and musical storytelling with a concept portrayed visually, orally and audibly to deliver another saga in her everevolving figments of fantasy. It comes as an entire artistic project, as The Allegorist created the album art, wrote the included story and composed a poem that all combine to tell the tale of The Blind Emperor.



柏林艺术家 The Allegorist 一直以她对电子音乐的有目的性和内省性的看法在故事中徘徊。每个版本都探索需要听众共同参与的主题,因为他们希望通过她的艺术音景让您的脑海中充斥着传说中的人物和地点的图像。她精心打造的跨越科幻和幻想的世界,以光明和黑暗的二元论为食,是反思性沉思和讲故事的完美结合。

作为一个整体艺术家,安娜乔丹(寓言家)在她的作品中体现了她的无数才华。她之前的专辑《混合维度 I》和《混合维度 II》确立了她的审美和详细的虚构故事,以及“Mondoneoh”语言,一种团结所有国家的语言。她的最新作品和第四张专辑《盲帝》描绘了一个神话土地的精髓,讲述了将导致繁荣的斗争。主角,盲帝,带领


这是一张史诗、电影、合唱、氛围技术专辑。这张专辑将她的描写、书面和音乐故事与视觉、口头和听觉描绘的概念相结合,在她不断发展的幻想虚构中传递了另一个传奇。它是一个完整的艺术项目,因为 The Allegorist 创作了专辑封面,撰写了包含的故事并创作了一首诗,所有这些都结合起来讲述了盲人皇帝的故事。

“The album Blind Emperor is about this journey, to fight for the truth of oneself, not to bend for the easy, and to find acceptance in the sacrifices and limitations. If you bend for the easy and give up your own truth, you might gain something out of it, but then you have also lost everything already. I think that you have to be in power to work towards your ideas, your truth while simultaneously let yourself guided by many elements like knowledge, feelings and intuition. The right balance of all these elements will lead to the right thoughts, wisdom and actions. I have explored and told this thoughts in an artistic work, the tale of the Blind Emperor, depicting the mysterious ways of life, musically in an epic, cinematic, choral and ambient techno album.

In the track Redwinged Phoenix I’m telling the tale of a transformation, that can only come through the experience of hard battles. It is not easy to remember where we are going when we face hardship, but our red wings grow in the flames, forging us like a blacksmith and we can arise from the ashes once more. „



在曲目 Redwinged Phoenix 中,我讲述了一个转变的故事,这只能通过艰苦的战斗体验来实现。当我们面临困难时,不容易记住我们要去哪里,但我们红色的翅膀在火焰中生长,像铁匠一样锻造我们,我们可以从灰烬中重新崛起。 „