Keepsakes is back with his first full EP, Blunt Clout Trauma since the start of 2022, marking his debut solo release on OAKS + Track Premiere

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Blunt Clout Trauma – Keepsakes presents his debut solo release on OAKS.

Keepsakes, the producer and DJ hailing from the UK and New Zealand, has returned with his latest EP titled “Blunt Clout Trauma.” This marks his inaugural solo release on OAKS, the distinguished imprint founded by the renowned Spanish artist Hector Oaks.

Having previously contributed to two compilations under the label, Keepsakes ventures into uncharted sonic territories on “Blunt Clout Trauma.” The EP showcases a fusion of funk and groove, complemented by hints of euphoria, whimsical acid tones, and his signature dark atmospheres and unsettling sound design across the five tracks. This release stands as Keepsakes’ first full EP since the beginning of 2022.


Combining vocal loops, pounding kicks and rolling percussions, Keepsakes’ latest EP Blunt Clout Trauma on OAKS showcases his evolution as an artist, blending various elements to create a unique and captivating sonic experience.

As Keepsakes steps into this new chapter with his debut solo release on OAKS, the EP serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit fostered by Hector Oaks’ imprint.

It not only solidifies Keepsakes’ position as a seasoned artist but also contributes to the ongoing narrative of innovation within the electronic music scene. “Blunt Clout Trauma” stands as a vibrant milestone in Keepsakes’ discography, promising listeners an immersive experience that transcends conventional boundaries.


Blunt Clout Trauma is conceptually about the ills of the social media age and all the ego, narcissism, and surreal behaviour that comes with navigating it as a musician.

It also represents a wide range of my influences over the years and marks a departure from my usual hard techno sound – I drew from the funk of Purpose Maker records, the attitude of hip hop and the bright and varied sounds of modern techno while still trying to maintain my artistic identity across the record. I see techno as a wide spectrum of music that gets stronger and more interesting the more outside influences that can be brought to the table.” – Keepsakes

Keepsakes has established himself as a prominent figure in the techno scene.

His unique and impactful productions catapulted him into recognition, particularly with the release of the Stygian Concrete Works and Weapons Grade Manic EPs in 2014. Throughout the years, he has etched his presence on pivotal labels, including South London Analogue Material, Perc Trax, MORD, Earwiggle, and KAOS.

This artist’s trajectory highlights a commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring the multifaceted facets of electronic music. As he continues to leave an imprint on influential labels, his contributions serve as a testament to the ever-evolving and dynamic nature of the electronic music scene. With each release, he reinforces his position as a trailblazer in the realm of electronic production, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in his sonic journey.

Furthermore, he founded the Haven club night alongside Jaded Nineties Raver in Tāmaki Maraukau, Aotearoa (Auckland, New Zealand) in 2015, and Haven is also expanded into a vinyl-focused record label since 2018 – going on to release many leading international artists including VTSS, Tommy Holohan, New Frames, Peder Mannerfelt, Ayarcana, Ansome, and Ryan James Ford, as well as becoming the main home for Barrett’s own productions.



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