Dream a Little Dream beauty editorial with make up & hair by Chie Yamamo and shot by Jourdan Dorn

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Jourdan Dorn embarked on an imaginative venture, drawing inspiration from the ethereal phenomenon of the “green fairy” that purportedly materializes after consuming absinthe.

This creative endeavor, aptly named “Dream a Little Dream” by the visionary photographer and art director, encapsulates the dream-like reverie one experiences amid the hallucinatory effects induced by the iconic beverage.

Dream a Little Dream

Within this evocative project, Dorn skillfully captures the mystical essence through lens and artistry, employing techniques that evoke a surreal ambiance.

One captivating image, for instance, portrays a mesmerizing interplay of blurred vision and a distinctive perspective, accentuated by a looking glass that magnifies the eye, encapsulating the enchanting allure of a world perceived through the lens of absinthe-induced hallucinations.

Dream a Little Dream


Photographer/Stylist : Jourdan Dorn @jourleighofficiel

Model : Julia Sapion @juliasapion

Hmua: Chie Yamamoto @yamamotoartistry

Assistant on the set : George Abdo @georgeabdo

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