Adam X’s latest release “Rüdersdorf” a modern take on his trademark acid sounds + Track Premiere

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Deep within the forests of Rüdersdorf, Germany, 1.5 miles outside of Berlin, exists a forgotten realm, a dark dystopian and deserted place. It is truly special. Here, menacing towers of an abandoned factory reach into the tarry ebon void, embracing the eerie atmosphere. It was once known as VEB Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf; a chemical manufacturing center for farming phosphates in the late 1800s and later repurposed for the manufacture of Vauxite during the second world war. The vast area of gigantic factory buildings is filled with decaying cement structures and is usually deserted and quiet.

But not tonight.

On this particular night, wild, untamed acidic tones of underground Brooklyn acid techno penetrate perfectly. Soon the irresistible sound waves bring to life whatever ghosts remain here. It was dubbed a “music research mission” put together by the nonconformist Sonic Groove Records label.

It was the summer of 2020; in the middle of one of the more chaotic years in planet Earth’s recent history. With the planet’s entire population in Covid lockdown and absolutely menaced by a collective fear of the unknown; DJ Adam X was on a mission, inspired to provide an appropriate soundtrack for the setting. Accompanied by fellow artists Maedon, Reade Truth, and Sarin, what followed was a night of magic, as they re-experienced beloved timeless 90s era acid tracks. The massive monolithic buildings served as the perfect backdrop; a stationary frame for an unexpectedly active sky complete with flaming meteors, suspicious satellites, and potential UFOs.

This intense nocturnal experience provided the inspiration for Adam X’s latest release; “Rüdersdorf” a modern take on his trademark acid sounds.

Simultaneously mechanical and soul-felt, the LP is full of brain-numbing techno excursions, layered heavily with intense TB303 patterns that slowly dissolve and melt your brain. This is where the acid underground takes charge, providing the flawless soundtrack for the unknown. Hard, challenging grooves for these challenging times. Close your eyes, and visions of Chemiewerk slip into focus. The experience makes you wonder: Do we have a future? Adam X provides an opportunity to dance and maybe not even care.



那是2020年的夏天;在地球近期历史上较为混乱的年份之一。随着地球上的所有人都处于Covid封锁状态,并且绝对受到对未知的集体恐惧的威胁; DJ Adam X 的使命是为场景提供合适的配乐。在其他艺术家 Maedon、Reade Truth 和 Sarin 的陪伴下,接下来是一个神奇的夜晚,因为他们重新体验了心爱的永恒 90 年代酸曲目。巨大的单体建筑是完美的背景;一个意外活跃的天空的静止框架,包括燃烧的流星、可疑的卫星和潜在的不明飞行物。

这种强烈的夜间体验为 Adam X 的最新版本提供了灵感。 “Rüdersdorf”是他标志性的酸音的现代演绎。

LP 充满了机械和灵魂的感觉,充满了大脑麻木的技术短途旅行,重重地层叠着强烈的 TB303 模式,慢慢溶解和融化你的大脑。这是地下酸性物质负责的地方,为未知提供完美的配乐。在这些充满挑战的时代,艰难而富有挑战性的凹槽。闭上你的眼睛,Chemiewerk 的景象就会成为焦点。这种经历让你想知道:我们有未来吗?亚当 X 提供了一个跳舞的机会,甚至可能不在乎。