Wallis is finally back with another EP. ‘Trust No One’ marks the official launch of her label.

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The four tracks, produced by Wallis tell an emotional story, a very personal story, with cinematographic ideas and unique sound design, and is industrial through and through. We recognize her trademark musical construction, but also discover new aspects of her music. This EP tells the story of her artistic as well as very intimate evolution, sprinkled with some clever ideas hidden in the music.

The devil lies in the details, and this EP is produced with the very aim of constant discovery upon consumption: every listen might allow one to spot new aspects in the music, hidden words or perhaps, amongst many other things, the use of foley sounds such as lighters and matches used to create percussive elements. The theme of the EP is self reflective: while ‘You Will Wish You Were Never Born’ embodies immediate feelings after acknowledging a betrayal, ‘Let’s be Clear I Trust No One’ investigates the idea that, instead of seeking revenge, one could learn to protect themselves by not associating with the wrong people. ‘If I Leave Tomorrow’ is about exiting situations that do not serve us, and ‘Martyr du Temps’ marks the pain of realizing the part one plays in unfortunate events, the pain linked to endings and change, and investigates taking back our power by adapting our own behavior, and learning to find happiness in simple life events.

Jell is set to be constructed around continuity, and this EP marks the first step of the label. The record is dedicated “to lost wanderers” through its engraving, and those words were also hidden in the music itself. Each engraving of a Jell record will also be contained in the music itself, and those words, put chronologically next to one another, will form a poem. Jell is a long term enterprise.


细节决定成败,这张EP的制作目的就是为了在消费时不断发现:每一次聆听都可能让人发现音乐中新的方面、隐藏的词语,或者在许多其他事情中,使用打火机和火柴等假声来创造打击性元素。这张EP的主题是自我反思:《你会希望你从未出生》体现了承认背叛后的直接感受,而《说清楚,我不相信任何人》则调查了这样一个想法:与其寻求报复,不如学会通过不与错误的人交往来保护自己。If I Leave Tomorrow》是关于退出对我们无益的情况,而《Martyr du Temps》标志着意识到自己在不幸事件中扮演的角色的痛苦,与结束和变化有关的痛苦,并调查了通过调整我们自己的行为夺回我们的权力,以及学会在简单的生活事件中找到幸福。

Jell被设定为围绕连续性而构建,这张EP标志着这个标签的第一步。这张唱片通过刻字献给 “迷失的流浪者”,而这些字也隐藏在音乐本身中。Jell唱片的每一个刻字也将包含在音乐本身中,而这些字按时间顺序放在一起,将形成一首诗。Jell是一项长期的事业。