Catnapp Announces Remix Album TRUST Remixes.

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In an age of information overload and shrinking concentration spans, Catnapp’s high-octane club futurism bursts through the wall of constant distractions, demanding immediate attention.

The shapeshifting Argentinian producer’s acclaimed 2022 TRUST LP, co-produced with fellow genre-hackers Modeselektor, didn’t so much break down stylistic boundaries as imagine a utopian future where such constraints

simply do not exist, reveling in aesthetic carnage with a singular blend of R&B, hip-hop, rave and even nu-metal. 

The new Trust Remixes EP finds the producer handing over her music to a cast of fellow club visionaries, each teasing out encoded threads and expanding these into surprising new shapes.

London’s captain of the dance Scratchclart shifts the skeletal rhythmic drive of “time on me” into a hypnotic UK Funky swing buoyed by springy bass. Diessa provides an equally British take on “the way back” (feat. Modeselektor), filtering Argentinian pop experimentalism through hi-NRG UK dance hedonism for a proper crunchy speed garage gurner. Lila Tirando A Violeta & Sueuga’s rumbling flip of the same track revels in crackling distortion, leaning into Catnapp’s more abrasive influences.


Talpah’s edit of “forget” amps up the bass pressure, Catnapp’s sugary vocals gliding atop rolling subs, while Kamixlo’s reimagining of “stay unsaved” (feat. Aamourocean) shifts on a knife-edge from dreamy deep reggaeton to pummeling gabber stabs. Not content to let others have all the fun, Catnapp gets in on the action herself with a club-ready rework of “despierta” (feat. O.L.I.V.I.A.). Collaborating with fellow Argentinian Tufi Meme, Catnapp pushes the track to ecstatic new heights, chaining the track’s ethereal textures to an unrelenting pulse.

Catnapp TRUST Remixes

Release date: June 23rd, 2023
Cat. Nr: MTR126 [Monkeytown Records]
Format: Digital

1. despierta (feat. O.L.I.V.I.A.) (Catnapp & Tufi Meme Remix)

2. time on me (Scratchclart Remix)

3. forget (Talpah Remix)

4. the way back (feat. Modeselektor) (Lila Tirando A Violeta & Sueuga Remix)

5. stay unsaved (feat. Aamourcean) (Kamixlo Remix)

6. the way back (feat. Modeselektor) (Diessa Remix)



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