MARHU – interview – belgian uprising talented DJ and producer / ENG + JP

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Marhu stands as one of Belgium’s most promising international music producers and DJs and her unparalleled energy behind the decks has elevated her to the upper echelons of the techno scene, making her a sought-after presence on dancefloors and festival stages worldwide. Her sonic prowess fuses the realms of dark, high-energy techno, generating intense and captivating atmospheres. Within her dynamic style, Marhu masterfully blends obscure and forceful sounds, infusing them with an innate sense of rhythm and compositional finesse that bursts forth with unrelenting, electrifying expression, both in her studio productions and live performances.

Renowned for her knack for crafting dark techno with acidic undertones, Marhu marked her debut in January 2021 through ASYS’ Fe Chrome, a sublabel of Fe Records established with a clear mission to enrich and inspire the techno realm. Marhu’s production prowess has also graced the catalog of Belgian imprint Arkham Audio, with a single release in 2021 and an EP in 2022. These releases are characterized by thunderous kick drums, aggressive sonic elements, and intoxicating acid synths. Additionally, they feature remixes by esteemed figures in the techno scene, such as D.A.V.E The Drummer. 

Her dark techno beats are traveling rapidly around the globe with her tracks being no stranger to Berghain’s sound system along with picking up support across the media from Mixmag, Beatport, Data Transmission & and many more… now we are having her at KEYI.

Before getting into music professionally you were a Swiss dressage rider. What an original path, how did you discover it? What was the trigger to switch the career later to solely music?

Since I was a kid, riding horses has been my thing. Dressage caught my interest and I got pretty good at it, even started competing for the Swiss national team. 

Now here’s the fun part: As a clubber, I often went to Fuse in Brussels which always had excellent music that helped me discover international artists and pushed me into the techno sound I love today.

Imagine going from strict dressage to this crazy techno vibe – it was like realizing I had another groover in me that needed to be unleashed!




厳格な馬場馬術からこのクレイジーなテクノの雰囲気に行く想像してみてください-それは私が解き放たれる必要がある私の中に別のグルーバーを持ってい 。


You mentioned that you got the discipline from sports you also got as a music producer. How would you describe it? What’s the secret? 

Dressage let me tell you, it’s more than a sport, it’s a discipline boot camp! It taught me crazy determination and never give up. The horses didn’t care if I had a bad hair day haha

So what’s the secret? Well, it’s all about the consistency, just like a horse’s gallop! You can’t stay static, you have to keep moving, keep creating, learning, and take full responsibility! The scene is tougher than ever! There is more and more competition out there, excelling on all fronts is non-negotiable. Balancing studio time, digging new records for the next shows, social media, interviews, logistics, and other responsibilities can be very overwhelming. 

Contrary to the glamorous image people often associate with being a DJ, the reality is a combination of solitude and hard work. So, of course, discipline plays a crucial role and is a must if you want to preserve your health and work long-term in the nightlife industry. 

But it’s the love of the music that drives me to create and to focus each day on my goals.






How do you start to discover your style in music production? What is your favorite gear? 

I’ve always been into strong kicks and beautiful flowing bass lines. I seek to create a pure and acid-driven flow that resonates with a sense of grace. The track that best represents my style is “Wildfire”. It’s minimalistic, clear, efficient and it flows beautifully, everything I love 🙂 

And gear wise my baby is the Roland TB 303 of course! This iconic instrument and also the plug-ins and emulations have become an essential part of my studio setup. 

Your first release came out in January 2021 via A*S*Y*S’ Fe Chrome, a sub-label of Fe Records, and right away two other releases on the label; ‘Wildfire’ and ‘Hooked’. It’s a lot of projects via one label, why did you stick to it?

The collaboration with A*S*Y*S just clicked and the energy of the label resonates with my vision. Quality over quantity! My consecutive releases on FeChrome came naturally. Apart from my productions, a lot of amazing tracks inspire me on this label like “Sweats & Tears” from A*S*Y*S. I’ve also played alongside A*S*Y*S and Kai Tracid at the very first FeChrome label night in Frankfurt which was a huge success! 




Marhu interview

The collaboration with label boss A*S*Y*S. brought a lot of an acid-driven, lively cut with stomping rave energy. How did you meet and find a perfect way to collaborate?  

Sent my first tracks to A*S*Y*S around 2020 and that’s where the journey kicked off. We shared some lineups and became very good friends. 

In the meantime, A*S*Y*S has also become like a “mentor” to me. He is an incredible producer, always on the lookout for any small details, teaching me tons !! I’m very grateful for everything he has taught me and also for our friendship 🙂 

After two years of working together and a few singles on his label, we thought “Why not team up and merge our two styles together? We joined forces and “Hooked” came to life 🙂 

We are now working on round two of collaboration. So yeah, stay tuned for more!



Six tracks through “Through My Veins” EP just landed via HE.SHE.THEY. , which is a record label seeking to platform unique talent from a range of diverse backgrounds across gender, class, sexuality, and race. Tell us about the process & inspirations behind it. How did the connection with the label start?

HE.SHE.THEY. and their total inclusivity vibe just clicked with me. 

This label stands for equality in the scene without any judgment regarding age, gender, race, sex, religion, or background. It simply felt right! These core values are more important than ever and I’m honored to be part of this label. 

Together we are not only releasing music, we are celebrating diversity. 

With this EP, I wanted to express that we need to keep reinventing and evolving to always become the best version of ourselves, perpetuity is obsolete, we always are changing – it’s a cycle of learning and letting go! 





Marhu interview

You are playing a lot of festivals… which one is your favorite so far? Which one is a dream festival you would love to play someday… And why?

Many festivals are on my wish list! Let’s say I’ve been dreaming of Awakenings forever! For their massive productions and the most dedicated crowds. Awakenings hold a special place in my heart. It was one of the first major techno festivals I attended as a raver! Back then techno was still quite “underground” and most of my friends were not into that genre. 

Fabric Madrid, Paintwork, Egg London, and many more are also on my list.  

Speaking of favorites, Dour takes the cake! Seriously it was the most epic day ever. In a few minutes, thousands of people filled up that giant Balzaal stage under the sun! My parents were on stage with me and ended up dancing in the crowd haha! That’s a memory for the books. 

There’s truly nothing like making your parents proud and sharing those incredible moments together 🙂 






Name some of your most listened-to, non-electronic music of all time. 

Moby, Michael Jackson, Queen, Billy Ocean, Stevie Wonder,The Beatles, The Pointer Sisters , and many moooree 



Future plans? Any dreams to come true?

As for future projects, there are so many in the pipeline! Right now I’m focusing on my next productions and shows. I would love to release a track on another well-established label soon. Eventually collaborate more with other artists. My vision for the next years is even more ambitious, I envisage running my own label, throwing epic global parties, and maybe even starting a clothing line – big dreams ahead. 



Talent: Marhu

Interview: Izabella Chrobok

Photos: Keyi Studio @keyistudio


Make Up & Hair: Alexandra Atypi @aatypixmakeup

Styles: A Better Mistake, Perlensau, Dr Martens