Farzan’s latest musical endeavor, ‘ Component N20 ,’ released on SPCLNCH records + Track Premiere

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With an extensive background in international performances, digital composition, and radio production, Farzan’s musical journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the art form.

In the world of music, there are artists, and then there are artists like Farzan, a passionate, experienced, and versatile music producer who has traversed borders and genres, creating deep and spacey sounds that defy easy categorization. In this article, we delve into Farzan’s latest musical endeavor, ‘ Component N20 ,’ released on SPCLNCH records, and explore the fascinating story behind this enigmatic musician.


Farzan’s musical journey is a story of dedication, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of sonic excellence. With roots in Tehran, he is not only a music producer but also the co-founder and music director of ‘Beshknow,’ an online radio and collective that serves as a bridge between East and West through music. Farzan’s ability to blend cultural influences seamlessly in his compositions has earned him a unique place in the electronic music industry.

Farzan’s musical odyssey has seen him release music on record labels that span the globe.

From the Duby sounds of Avantroots Records to the atmospheric vibes of Hello Strange, his discography reads like a journey through the diverse landscapes of electronic music. Other record labels, including Apnea Label, Insectorama, Superordinate, kopoc Label, and Natural System Records, have all been graced by Farzan’s distinctive sound.

‘Component N20’ is more than just a track; it’s a sonic journey

Farzan’s latest release, ‘Component N20,’ has set the music world abuzz. The cover of the Phoenix 63 satellite, which shares its name with the album, has a storied history of its own. Its fluorescent coating has ignited both literal and figurative debates within scientific circles. To hold the formula for this luminescent creation is to possess a treasure of immense value.

Farzan’s talent knows no boundaries, and his extensive collaborations with well-known artists worldwide are a testament to his musical prowess. His performances at renowned festivals such as CTM Festival and United We Stream, as well as appearances on NTS Radio, Soho Radio, and more, have solidified his place in the global music scene.

Farzan’s ‘Component N20’ release is not just a track; it’s a testament to his lifelong love and commitment to music. It showcases his ability to bridge the gap between cultures and genres, bringing the East and West together through the universal language of music. With a discography that spans continents and a talent that defies boundaries, Farzan continues to inspire and elevate the world of electronic music. As we listen to ‘Component N20,’ we are reminded that music, like the Component N20, has the power to rise, shine, and transcend.


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