It is our pleasure to announce an exciting collaboration born out of the resounding success of UMAY and BASHKKA’s iconic EP, “Maktub.” 

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Together, we are thrilled to unveil the culmination of BASHKKA ‘s initial vision: the release of a meticulously crafted vinyl edition, complete with fresh and iconic remixes courtesy of some of her closest comrades and confidants.


Ever since its electrifying debut in February, “Maktub” and its mesmerizing title track, ‘Act Bad,’ have set dance floors ablaze across the globe. This offering is tailor-made for the discerning vinyl aficionados, dedicated collectors, and music connoisseurs who have fervently championed both this release and the incomparable talent of BASHKKA throughout the year. Graciously funded by the generous support of Initiative Musik, we have not only breathed life into this iconic release but have also empowered BASHKKA to co-direct her very first music video, in collaboration with the visionary director Valentin Noujaim, based in Copenhagen.

Within the grooves of this vinyl masterpiece, you will discover four exquisite remixes thoughtfully crafted by BASHKKA’s esteemed friends: Roza Terenzi, Hyperaktivist, Sedef Adasi, and AKUA.

This illustrious ensemble perfectly encapsulates the essence of the project—an impassioned homage to the tight-knit community of allies and pioneering femme leaders who remain steadfast in their mission to challenge prevailing industry norms and dismantle the barriers that have long hindered marginalized communities’ path to success. As each contributor works tirelessly on their own endeavors, they collectively construct vital support systems that foster sustainable growth and uplift those in need within our midst.

With an exceptional team standing firmly in our corner, we eagerly anticipate unveiling a treasure trove of delightful surprises that this release promises to deliver. Stay tuned for tantalizing hints and immerse yourself in the tangible embodiment of BASHKKA ‘s iconic creation.

This limited edition vinyl will be available on Friday, October 13th.

Thanks to everyone involved, from production, direction, helping, creating, advising and compiling. We further extend our heartfelt gratitude to Initiative Musik for their generous support in making this dream a reality.

Emerging from Brooklyn’s vanguard of boundary-pushing artists, Akua has proved she’s not afraid to redefine techno on her own terms. The Ghanaian-American DJ has cultivated a sound that reflects her passion for research and recontextualization, as she infuses old-school tracks and techniques with a vision for the dance floors of the future. 

Akua channels a dynamic approach to the craft that fuses a sense of playful confrontation and high-octane rhythm-shifting, giving her sets a sense of conceptual rigor and undeniable energy. Pulling from a deep appreciation of the freakish strains of techno from the past, her style reflects a tireless study of the medium and a reinvention of its frameworks through modern means. Her finesse for blending machine funk frequencies possesses distinct toughness and a trademark trippiness, creating a space where simple distinctions and genre boundaries disintegrate. As Akua traverses through acid-drenched basslines, frenetic percussions, and distorted synths, her sets leave listeners with a fierce compulsion to move as they lose and find themselves again inside the torrent of sonics she weaves. 

The Discwoman affiliate has quickly established herself as a singular force in the thriving NYC scene through organizing events and regularly gracing the decks of local haunts Bossa Nova Civic Club and Nowadays. She’s taken her sound to packed dance floors in cities across North America, and in 2019 she hopped across the pond to present her hyper-charged selections to European crowds with debuts on the Boiler Room Utrecht, Saule and De School. Her mixes have received plaudits from Resident Advisor and Crack Magazine and she recently was tapped to do a summer residency on the airwaves of Rinse FM. While her sets continue to gain acclaim all over, Akua is poised to continue New York’s tradition of fearless, forward-thinking artists in the years to come.

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