NƵM 99 Unveils New EP “Human Traffic” with Remixes from Ireen Amnes, Radical G, and HALV DRØM + Track Premiere

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Lyon-based artist NƵM 99 is releasing a new EP titled Human Traffic on June 18th through House of Reptile. The EP features a mix of witchy techno, brash industrial, and sultry EBM textures, along with remixes by Ireen Amnes, Radical G, and HALV DRØM.

“Human Traffic is designed in a narrative way,” says NƵM 99. “I wanted to tell a story. This is what we are missing today, I think — the identity and the message. So let’s stop the ‘Human Traffic’ present on social networks. These networks occupy far too much space in relation to music. Let’s leave more room for the music, and the stage will be even more beautiful.”
Keyi Magazine Premieres Two Tracks from NƵM 99’s New EP
The EP opens with “Poison of Angels,” featuring crisp percussion and a searing lead melody that blends EBM with industrial elements, showcasing the artist’s signature style. The title track, “Human Traffic,” creates a menacing atmosphere with a misty soundscape and bone-chilling vocals layered over a spiky synthline. “Noisy Futur” delivers staccato claps and belligerent drums, ending in a blaze of bold haze. Finally, “Drone” combines jagged snares with eerie pads, culminating in a fierce, peak-time cut, rounding off the EP on a powerful note.
The EP features notable remixes by various artists. Berlin-based Italian producer, DJ, and live artist Ireen Amnes infuses a moody sheen into her remix of “Poison of Angels” with sleek drums and a bleeped-out melody. Belgium’s Radical G offers a slow-burning, shadowy EBM interpretation of “Human Traffic.” HALV DRØM, co-founder of Fleisch Records, concludes the EP with a remix of “Noisy Futur,” crafting an air of paranoia with an aerodynamic soundscape, stomping drums, and a touch of noise. This remix collection adds a cerebral layer to an already thrilling and esoteric release on House of Reptile.
French DJ and producer NƵM 99 draws influences from the rave movement and artists like Arnaud Rebotini, THE HACKER, Terence Fixmer and David Carretta.
Founder of Tjalk Records (named after his boat, Tjalk, where he resides), NƵM 99 primarily makes dark-tinted techno shaded with EBM and industrial hues. Having bought his first analogue machine at the age of 19, he hasn’t looked back since and remains fascinated by the warm grain of old-skool synthesizers.

NƵM 99— Human Traffic [House of Reptile]

  • Release Date: June 18th 2024
  • Pre-Order: May 30th 2024
  • Format: Digital


  1. Poison of Angels
  2. Human Traffic 
  3. Noisy Futures 
  4. Drone 
  5. Poison of Angels (Ireen Amnes remix)
  6. Human Traffic (Radical G remix)
  7. Noisy Futures (HALV DRØM remix)


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