“ZWISCHEN DEN ZEICHEN,   IN DEN BILDERN” Open to public lecture at UdK Berlin Typo-Club

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Studio Wu 無 Design

Yimeng Wu 吴祎萌

…. invited by my friend and long-time mentor Roman Wilhelm – typographer, lecturer and head of the Typowerkstatt at UdK, will soon have the honor of giving a lecture about typographic work for the lecture series Typo-Club in the alma mater University of Arts. You’re welcome to join, as the lecture is open to the public. The great poster is designed by Roman. 

Typo-Club #14 

Yimeng Wu 吴祎萌, born in Shanghai and a graduate of UdK’s Hickmann class, lives in Berlin and works in her design studio “Studio Wu 無” as a typographer, graphic designer, and illustrator. In her Chinese-Latin typeface “Bojing 柏京体,” published by Hanyi Type (Beijing), she demonstrates the connection of styles across the boundaries of writing systems. Her work repeatedly manifests the relationship between text and image in new ways, capturing the multilingual and transcultural dimension seemingly by chance.

Thursday, November 9th, 2023
Labor für Typografie UdK Berlin 

Visual Communication, 
Campaigns Class, 
Room 103 UdK-Medienhaus, 
Grunewaldstraße 2–5

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