Rawdecks Unveils “Paradigm Shift” on Algumritmo Records. + Track Premiere

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From Lisbon, Rawdecks is set to launch his latest EP, “Paradigm Shift,” on January 12, 2024, under the banner of Algumritmo Records.

“Paradigm Shift” features a collection of meticulously crafted tracks that showcase Rawdecks’ signature style of hypnotic and groove Techno. The EP is set to captivate listeners with its innovative sounds and cutting-edge beats.

Under the banner of Algumritmo Records, Rawdecks has crafted an EP that promises to be a transformative auditory experience, pushing the boundaries of genres and challenging conventional musical norms. Known for his eclectic style and ability to seamlessly blend diverse influences


1- Cyber Dance 2- 9am
3- Skadattle
4- They Dunno 5- Uno
6- Drifting away


Highlighting key tracks such as Cyber Dance and Uno, Rawdecks invites the audience to embark on a sonic journey that reflects his development as an artist.

At the age of 23, Rawdecks is a dynamic and emerging producer/DJ hailing from Lisbon. Born and raised in a vibrant city, he is recognized for his forward-thinking approach to music production, consistently pushing boundaries with his innovative and cutting-edge creations.

Introducing “Paradigm Shift,” the debut release from Algumritmo Records, a pioneering Portuguese label committed to pushing the boundaries of electronic music. This groundbreaking EP follows the success of the label’s initial Various Artists project, “Connected,” marking a significant stride in the evolving catalog of ARR (Algumritmo Records).



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