Lookbook of the fashion collection “I-Time” by Raluca Irena – Berlin-based designer originally from Romania / with pictures by KEYI STUDIO

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Raluca Irena is a Berlin-based Romanian fashion designer who challenges the old systems by creating exclusive and unconventional collections.

Aiming to create more than clothes, her work provokes people to get out of their comfort zone by using garments penned with messages concerning the worldwide actual problems #Reward Society, Empty hearts- Full Bag$, I wish I was obedient, Comercial-Evil Power has taken over, Procrastination & Distraction, Bread and Circus Nation, My hungry Ego.

The first debut show in fashion was Aporia, her Bachelor’s Degree, which was a Manifest performance anti-fast fashion, made entirely from upcycled materials. Since then she has continued to make her collections choosing themes around human behaviour. The last collection MaterialME, made from supermarket packages, was exhibited at Studio183 Berlin.

Concerning social as well as intellectual creativity, her goal is to create a mental shift by showing a mirror of our current world. In a society that focuses on making our environment a greener place, she turns the arrow inward, questioning if we could actually change the planet if our own minds are the sick ones.

I-time fashion collection by Raluca Irena

Concept Collection I-time  

If the music is loud enough we won’t hear the world falling apart. 

As a dictionary definition time is the continued sequence of existence and events that occurs in an apparently IRREVERSIBLE succession from the past, through the present, into the future. 

The Universe cannot return to the same state in which it was at an earlier point. 

Time cannot go backward..then every minute, every day we are closer to death. 

With every second we choose what we want to imprint on this planet. Do we really care about nature? Do we really want to live in a better place? Or is this the trend of the times? 

I’ll do it tomorrow. I have time. 

I-time fashion collection by Raluca Irena
I-time fashion collection by Raluca Irena
I-time fashion collection by Raluca Irena


Fashion Designer & Art Director: Raluca Irena @raluca.irena

Photo/Video: KEYI STUDIO – I. Chrobok & G. Bacinski @keyistudio www.keyi.eu


Erla Riedel @3rla.5vanlaug 

Emiri Hosoda @emiri_10 

Clara Kiefer @clara_der_kiefer  

Shanice Trustfull @sjaantrust

Stylist : Nastassia Sekunova @nastassia.style 

Styling Assistant: Maria @maria.monstera   

MUA: Anastasia Boukli @alv_mua

Music : Virgina De Diaz @futuro3000_lab

Berlin Bunny @berlin_bunny_

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Raluca Irena