Chunga Chunga EP: A Sonic Voyage with Deserted Island, Featuring Remixes by Matias Aquayo, Fabrizio Marmmarella, and In Flagranti+ Track Premiere

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The Deserted Island brothers debut their first EP, “Chunga Chunga,” featuring a diverse range of organic electronic sounds. The EP includes three original tracks and eclectic remixes by Matias Aquayo, Fabrizio Marmmarella, and In Flagranti. Full release on June 27th – Good Skills.
“Katunga” fresh straight 8ths based groovy tracks with vocals in their own little pretty language. “Melancholic yet optimistic! It’s a mental space where the mind goes to tickle itself” – how they describe their debut single. For the remix duty for this jam was picked Chilean legend Matías Aguayo and his tribal swing interpretation.
“Yne” is filled with optimism and sun. No one can’t denied that it’s made for summer.
“Yne that friend of yours, always seeing the bright side in any situation” – meet the bestie of the brothers. It comes with an old fashion remix by In Flagranti which takes you to 70’s New York.


Last one of this pack is “Grange”. Nobody knows what it means, so we ask boys from the island for an explanation. “Grange e divadi asi” – in our language it’s like an anxiety attack, but in a good way”. Psychedelic funk at its best for the closing of the EP. Dance version by Italian finest comes by Fabrizio Marmmarella.
Deserted Island is two brothers, Lukas and Matas, from Lithuania, based in Copenhagen. Band is a mixture between electronic and instrumental music. Exploring this combination through different and harsh but inspiring sounding patterns.
GOOD SKILLS was established in 2019 to become a household name for Lithuanian electronic music. Label’s goal is to represent new generation of local talent and connect them with listeners from all over the world.
Run by two tall guys born three days apart – Roe Deers and Titas Motuzas (BDHBTS). 


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