Back in Island is a short film exploring the creative journey of artist Amanda Valle as she returns to her home in the Dominican Republic.

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Back in Island is a short film exploring the creative journey of artist Amanda Valle as she returns to her home in the Dominican Republic. Following an emotionally draining period, Amanda seeks comfort in the local culture by immersing herself in the colours and textures that were once so familiar. A journey of self discovery, the short film became the main source of inspiration for the artist’s new series composed of twelve paintings.

Back in the Island has been selected in over twenty international film festivals, including Aesthetica Short Film Festival, The Fine Arts Film Festival, Split Videoart Festival, taking home New Generation Award at Berlin Commercial. 

Artist’s Statement

I’d imagined for quite some time what it would be like to return home after living abroad – the astonishing scenery, the cultural confrontation, the emotional traction and the aggravated sense of belonging. I came back aware of the change of settings, knowing that the living environment grew older, but with a burning need of discovering the unvarying spirit of our culture. 

With the Back in the Island series I strive to revive the unnoticed feelings behind everyday circumstances, using color, shapes and texture to rephrase these lost sensations thundering in the shadows. Back in the Island is a celebration of the unaltered energy that follows every experience. It’s about exploring inner instincts, while encouraging the seeking of deeper connections between our emotional state and the way we capture the world.



Director: Amanda Valle (@ama.valle)

Script: Amanda Valle 

Cinematography: Elvis Urbae

Editing: Elvis Urbae

Costume Design: Jose Miguel Jeréz


Amanda Valle

Juan Silverio Arache

Rafael Perez 

Mango Verde Producciones (@mangoverdeproducciones)

Amanda Valle

Amanda Valle was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 1984. Only daughter of a single mother, she spent most of her early years home. An ordinary and settled life on the surface, Amanda filled her time by drawing the worlds and colours living in her mind with the views from the window becoming her first muses for her self-expression. 

Later on Amanda left the island and moved to the USA which eventually led her to participate in several events, such as Art Basel Miami 2017, Salone del Mobile Milan 2018 (Nilufar Gallery). Since 2019 she lives and works between the Dominican Republic and Miami dedicating her time to painting and art experimentation. She is represented by Molin Corvo Gallery in Paris, France.

阿曼达·瓦莱 (Amanda Valle) 于 1984 年出生于多米尼加共和国的圣多明各。她是单身母亲的独生女,早年大部分时间都在家里度过。 表面上过着平凡而安定的生活,阿曼达通过描绘生活在她脑海中的世界和色彩来填补她的时间,窗户上的景色成为她自我表达的第一个缪斯。

后来阿曼达离开了这个岛,搬到了美国,这最终导致她参加了几个活动,如 2017 年迈阿密巴塞尔艺术展、2018 年米兰移动家具展(Nilufar 画廊)。 自 2019 年以来,她在多米尼加共和国和迈阿密之间生活和工作,将时间用于绘画和艺术实验。 她由法国巴黎的莫林科尔沃画廊代理。

《回到岛上》是一部短片,探索艺术家阿曼达·瓦莱 (Amanda Valle) 回到多米尼加共和国家中的创作历程。在经历了一段情绪低落的时期后,阿曼达 (Amanda) 沉浸在曾经如此熟悉的色彩和质地中,在当地文化中寻求安慰。一段自我发现之旅,这部短片成为艺术家由十二幅画组成的新系列的主要灵感来源。