The Ukrainization exhibition at Galerie SLP willl take place 3 – 30 November 2022

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Have you ever wondered about the nature of your perception of reality?

The Ukrainization exhibition is a statement of what is happening in our homeland and our perception of reality through the experience of war forcing us to explore new horizons with sharpened awareness of ourselves, our cultural heritage, and our place in both domestic and global affairs.

Our artworks aid the internal visualization process, developing a certain kind of receptivity that helps us understand our new reality, in which exploring the past and envisioning the future are both vital.

This exhibition features a curated selection of paintings, prints, and carpets by young Ukrainian authors who were forced to leave their native homes and travel into the unknown.


3 November : Vernissage | 17:00-20:00 |Introduction by artists| music, and refreshments

17 November : Social Event| 17:00-20:00 |Performance 19:00-19:30

22 November : Social Event | 17:00-20:00 |Ukrainian women folk performance 19:00-19:30

30 November : Finissage | 17:00-20:00 |Music and refreshments

About the artists:

Sofiia Yesakova:

Born in Kyiv, UA Has a Master of Fine Arts from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine (NAFAA) currently works and lives in Berlin.

Yesakova uses the language of minimalism, with a focus on expressing thoughts and emotions, reflecting and conveying the atmosphere. For Yesakova, the balance between emotionality and rationality is important (the direction that prefers the mind to the senses in cognition, turns away from sensory reality).


Mariia Lutsak:

Born in 1997 Kyiv, UA graduated from the Graphic Department of the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kyiv. After her studies, Lutsak continued to work in her art studio and also taught at an art school. Lutsak currently lives and works in Berlin.

Lutsak’s watercolors and prints are reflections on the theme of war. Based on her own and others’ experiences, relating to loss, memories, the pain of bereavement, and the horrors of war.


Sofiia Golubeva

Born in Odesa, UA Studied at Kyiv Academy of Media Arts (Contemporary Art), Kyiv
BA, National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture (Fine Art), Kyiv, and is currently living and working in Berlin.

Golubeva explores the social, psychological, and political aspects of self-reflection and human behavior.


Anastasia Pasechnik

Pasechnik is an actress, artist, and musician from Kharkiv UA who draws inspiration from emotional experiences and philosophical reflections. Pasechnik is a self-taught avant-garde painter specializing in artistic performances and flute playing.


Viki Berg

Is a Ukrainian artist currently living and working in Berlin. Specializes in tufting carpets and graphics. Her works are a way to redefine her identity by turning to the ancient technique of weaving as Berg’s female ancestors have done for centuries, but in a new contemporary form showing the current culture of Ukraine.


Anthony Reznik

Graphic design and book illustrator from From Kharkiv, Ukraine studied at “The State Academy of Art and Design” Currently lives and works in Berlin.

Reznik is a creative and passionate artist whose illustrations have been featured in books and comics with over six years of art teaching practices.


Founded by American Art Curator and Gallerist Sara Lily Perez; Galerie SLP targets inclusivity, embracing diverse artists from all mediums and backgrounds, sustaining a potent & progressive platform for high-voltage creative expression. Galerie SLP entices provoking, collaborative conversations surrounding society, social and environmental issues; Accenting topics on equality, unity & the human experience transported through art.

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