“A Subversive Move Against Time” by Artem Nadyozhin

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In this series shot in two formats, in color as well as in b/w, the seemingly harsh Kyiv winter scape transforms into an  imaginaryplaying field of (nearly) boundless possibilities, self-expression and freedom. Dressed eclectically following the anti-principle “fashion-but-no-fashion” (brand), the two young women pictured in this story to some extant resemble the chaotic anti-concept of the city’s architecture which they are exploring together with the camera: Reality is being re-visited, distorted, looked at from new angles, up-side-down. The girls’ silhouettes and movements ever more blur with the vast, sometimes surreal post-soviet scenery comprised of an empty modernist hotel, fuming factory towers, orthodox domes, planetary landscapes, snow. Interacting with each other gradually replaces interacting with their surrounding sub/urban spaces, but only to finally share joyful moments of intimacy and excitement —  a subversive move against time


Before the backdrop of the ongoing war conflict and facing the presence of Russian warfare in Ukrainian borderlands, being an immediate threat to the country’s independence and people’s futures, this photo project may also be seen as an homage to the pulsating local culture scene that has been fighting for system changes, democratic values, and political freedom for many years already — the Orange Revolution and the Revolution of Dignity marking important moments of self-identification of contemporary Ukraine/Ukrainians. May Mr Putin’s Russia not destroy what has slowly been growing over the past few centuries in this young yet aspiring society.


Photo: Artem Nadyozhin https://www.instagram.com/bornmentall/

Text: Elisabeth Bauer https://www.instagram.com/bauer.eli/

Style: Galina Gumenyuk https://www.instagram.com/gymka/

MakeUp:  Sasha Nosikova   https://www.instagram.com/sasha_nosikova/

Models: Elisabeth Bauer https://www.instagram.com/bauer.eli/ & Margarita Polovinko https://www.instagram.com/pargarita.molovinko/