Pioneer of electronic music Jeff Mills releases new album “Mind Power, Mind Control” on Axis Records coming out today! Honoured to present our worldwide exclusive premiere of the track “Vermillion”

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Speaking about Jeff Mills it’s like speaking about encyclopaedia of electronic music. Jeff Mills is part of the glorious history of electronic music. Born in June 1963 in Detroit (the historic capital of today’s techno), Jeff is of the same generation as its illustrious pioneers such as Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. His career is just as precocious as theirs, having built his early reputation in his town of birth, hosting his own radio show on local WDRQ and WJLB radios. With six shows a week, the young Jeff (under twenty years old at this point) was so talented on the turntables that he was rapidly nicknamed ‘The Wizard’.


photography: Manuel Obadia-Wills

Excited to announce premiere of the track Vermillion today and also upcoming days interview with photo story.


photography: Manuel Obadia-Wills

Jeff Mills about the album:

The focus of this project and presentation examines the art of mental persuasion and how the mind can control as well as fall vulnerable to subservient ways. It allows the means to look creatively and more in-depth to a subject that applies to every person and at every stage of life because how we perceive or sense something is part of our evolutionary survival pattern. Because there is no exact mental                                                                                                         compatibility between any of us, speculation and misconceptions are not exemplary so, an emphasis on “the presentation of facts, ideas and methods and what we knew as true by example” are the major points that drives the overall purpose of this album project.  Mainly artistic but scientifically as well, the album will explore various techniques used to control minds, physicality of people and inanimate objects. The objective of this project is to examine, reveal and demonstrate how humans have created metaphysical and mind-bending techniques to control people, they’re minds, societies and our outlook on reality and life.   



photography: Manuel Obadia-Wills

Artist: Jeff Mills

Album Title: Mind Power Mind Control

Label: Axis Records

Format: Double-Vinyl, Digital

Release Date: May 20th, 2022

Cat. No. AX106

Distribution: NEWS, Axis

Photos by Manuel Obadia-Wills

Front cover Mind Power Mind Control with photo by Lisa Spindler