Edition Dur is a series of limited vinyl releases realised by Sven Hasenjäger and Daniel Meteo in cooperation with Kulturkaufhaus Dussmann in Berlin. + Track Premiere

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The vinyl is only available at Dussmann store and Dussmann online. The series combines popular and serious music, classic, jazz and electronic, avantgarde, experimental and electronic art of sound.

Listen Track Premiere HERE:

The introspection of two souls is felt in this masterpiece: „Atlas der Gedanken“. JakoJako and Mareena are siblings in spirit, striving towards common goals: rooted in similar traditions, juxtaposed to create suspenseful tensions for Edition Dur.

You can find peace and serenity in their music; but it also takes you to higher places: weightless. „Mut zur Wahrheit“, is the main song, with whispering voices, while around them the whole world seems stunned. 

KEYI MAGAZINE jakojako mareena

Mareena started her career in the ‚00s as a techno DJ, her sets are highly energetic, carried by a love for funk and groove.

You can hear the origins of techno in her music; emerging from Detroit and deeply rooted in African-American culture.

Since 2012 she has been a resident DJ at Tresor, the club that brought Detroit techno to Berlin and Germany. When Mareena DJs ambient, it‘s not in techno clubs, but in churches, in front of an audience that sits or lies down and meditates. Unrush is the name of the label on which she releases her music as well as other artists.

JakoJako also works primarily as a DJ in clubs. Her sets echo the hard, dark techno of the younger Berlin school as well as the spherical synthesizer.

She creates her music with modular synthesizers, analog devices producing endless possibilities – from music, from nature, and from other sources.

For „Atlas der Gedanken“ JakoJako also worked exclusively with modular synthesizers, while Mareena made music with digital production software. With their music you enter a space where you immediately feel at home, simultaneously you never forget that you remain a mystery to yourself: unhoused.

Order Here:

Vinyl https://www.kulturkaufhaus.de/de/detail/ISBN-4252019300138

Digital https://editiondur.lnk.to/atlasdergedanken





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