BECOMING fashion short movie produced by Riza Avsar & Agnieszka Szuran & directed by Anastasja Black

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BECOMING mirrors the necessity of awakening to a new reality, trespassing the old virtues of superficial beauty and outdated rules. Any trespassing is a step forward into the unknown which bears the necessity of embracing the darkness of human nature. It is the subtle dance of attraction between love and hate we need to engage in, so we can fully understand our own nature and the path we need to follow. It is that very dance which makes us see and accept ourselves as unique and beautiful beings we are.


Cast: Weronika Frodyma & Svea Lil Czech
Directed: By Anastasja Black
Director Of Photography: Alexander Kain
Produced By: Riza Avsar & Agnieszka Szuran
1St Ac Akito Ruhl

Gaffer Louis Faber
Grip Tony Pratsch
Styling Agnieszka Szuran Krzysztof Komorowski

Makeup Paulina Rosa
Hair Caterina Veronessi
Set Design Agnieszka Szuran
Editing Anastasja Black
Vfx Willi Haninger
Grading Alexander Kain & Maxime Demartin
Music Tobias Freund
Masks Baretkah
Paintings Ravam Magdalena Piech Special
Thanks To Arri Berlin & Delight Rental

becoming fashion short

Are you ready to BECOME?

becoming fashion short

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