Olympe4000 shatters standards and seamlessly blends styles, bridging the gap between old and new in a hybrid, personal, and communicative atmosphere – find out more during our chat!

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Olympe4000, coming from France, exhibits an unstoppable force. With an adrenaline-fueled quality and a penchant for exploring the realms of rave, Olympe4000 shatters standards and seamlessly blends styles, bridging the gap between old and new in a hybrid, personal, and communicative atmosphere. She navigates effortlessly across techno, electro, trance, and bass music, showcasing an unbridled and uninhibited approach to mixing, all while maintaining a distinct political commitment.

How did you find your path as an artist? As you mentioned you have been involved in politics before. How did things shift on the professional level to such a different branch? 

I’ve been interested in club music from an early age, and I felt out of step with the work environment. Although the subjects I was working on interested me enormously, the professional shift happened for several reasons: the slowness of the administrative process was at odds with the urgency to express myself, the attraction to nightlife and the urge to be part of it, to make bodies move until dawn.

どういう経緯でアーティストの道を歩むことになったのでしょうか? 以前は政治に関わる仕事をしていたと聞きましたが、どのように全く異なる分野の職業へと移行しましたか?


Do you think that what you do as a DJ & producer has been inspired by your past or vision of the future? How does it reflect in the present?

The past inspired and conditioned my present. My reality is made up partly of luck, and partly of many uncontrollable elements. My future is conditioned by small steps: I learn every day, I make peace and am easy with myself, reconcile with my past, accept mood swings, surround myself with people I feel good with and….. sleep.

I don’t think that finding my way as a DJ & producer will ever really happen, it’s a constant exploration of different media, being curious about everything, connecting with creative people and learning from others, giving myself time, space and skills, and that is what makes this path so unique.

It is a permanent construction that mixes past, present and future, and will be the product of years of experience, taking risks and trying new experimentations. I’m a self-taught artist, as are numerous established artists, which is comforting . This work takes time, I have routines, and schedules to get work done, I’m having a lot of fun but also taking this activity seriously; focusing is a must to get things achieved. Above all, the most important thing for me is to take care of my mental health and not get into a toxic productivity dynamic or negative comparisons.

Djing and producing (as many forms of art) is a special activity because we are inclined to self-doubt. We place our souls into our creations and then have to find the courage & legitimacy to display the project out into the world, which is full of judgements, critics, rejections and unconsented monologues.

My personality, my music and my several projects have always been intrinsically questioning our relationship to the dancefloor , and I must try to make our industry progress about social questions, support other artists and those around me. At the beginning of Covid in 2020, I launched an online festival called Sisterules: more than forty DJs from France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Lebanon and Canada were invited to express themselves with two-hour mixes, through the emanation of different styles and personalities.

The only thing I’m sure about is I want to continue to give visibility to emerging artists as long as I can, especially women and people who identify as gender minorities. I don’t claim to be an official spokesperson for any community, I just want my different projects to be the most inclusive and open possible.

For 2024, I will release my second EP, I will be touring in Japan and South Korea in March and April, releasing new artists on my label, starting my residency at La Machine Paris, and continue to ride.

DJやプロデューサーとしての活動は、過去と未来のどちらに影響を受けていると思いますか? また、それをどのように現在という時制に反映していますか?







 2024年には2枚目のEPをリリースする予定。3月と4月には日本と韓国でツアーを行うし、自分のレーベルから新しいアーティストをリリースさせる。それから『La Machine Paris』のレジデントDJがスタートします。この流れを継続させたいです。

ADRENALINE QUALITY presents an innovative platform dedicated to electronic music, showcasing emerging artists and embracing inclusivity. It explores a range of percussive sounds from both contemporary and classic club genres. What was the trigger to bring out your own imprint? How challenging is it to manage your label? What is the plan for the future of it?

After a few experiences with major labels, I wanted to offer my vision of a club sound aesthetic that is close to my heart. Launching and running your label is not easy, and you have to be aware of how much time it takes: keeping an ear on artists, listening to new releases every day, managing administration and graphics, and making sure that artists feel supported and valued in their creative process. In the future, I want to develop the different aspects of Adrenaline Quality, and open up to international talents.

自身が主宰するADRENALINE QUALITYは、新進アーティストや多様性を受け入れるエレクトロミュージックに特化した、革新的なプラットフォームとして存在しています。パーカッシブなサウンドから、クラシックや現代クラブのジャンルまでを幅広く探求しているのが特徴的です。1)自身のインプリントをはじめたきっかけは?2)レーベルの運営はどのぐらい大変ですか?3)将来の計画は何かありますか?

メジャーなレーベルで経験を積んだ後、自分が感じるがままにクラブ音楽の美学を提供したかった。レーベルを立ち上げて運営することは決して簡単ではないし、たくさんの時間を費やす必要がある。アーティストの声に耳を傾けたり、新たにリリースされる楽曲を毎日聞いたり、経営やグラフィックの管理をしたり、アーティストが十分にサポートを受けながら,クリエイティブの過程に価値を見出せているかを確認したりしないといけません。将来はまた違う視点で『ADRENALINE QUALITY』を成長させて、国際的に活動したいと考えています。

In Recent collaboration with Beatz By Girlz (BBG), ADRENALINE QUALITY joins forces to empower the next generation of women and gender-expansive individuals in the realm of music and technology with a mission beyond the music industry, aiming to address the underrepresentation of women and gender minorities in all tech-related fields. How BBG & AQ come together? 

BBG started as a class at the Lower East Side Girls Club in NYC, and now they have 38 chapters all over the world. They teach girls, women and gender-expansive people to explore music through technology, and technology literacy through music. They provide the guidance, tools and mentorship for them to develop their skill sets and interests in fields where they are highly underrepresented. They help groups of people mobilize to create their regional chapters while providing resources in the form of teacher training, curriculum, hardware and software. Each community has different needs and they adjust to help each individually. They provide a platform for visibility by showcasing talent at their events, and creating and developing their content (BBG.tv), through intentional social media methods, industry partnerships and opportunity placements.

We would like to give more visibility to the students by releasing a selection of student work. For now, we’ve started with the French students. The process is to support them the whole year, to give advice and send them strength so they feel more confident and legitimate about their music and themself.

最近のBeatz By Girlz(BBG)とのコラボレーションに関連する質問です。音楽業界を越えたミッションとして、テック関連分野での女性やジェンダーマイノリティの人々が活動しやすい環境を作っていくため、ADRENALINE QUALITYは音楽やテクノロジーの領域で次世代の女性や多様なジェンダーアイデンティティを持つ人々に影響を与える動きを見せました。BBGとAQはどのように巡り会いましたか?

BBGはニューヨークにある “The Lower East Side Girls Club” の教室として始まり、今では全世界で38に及ぶチャプターを持っています。女性はもちろん多様なジェンダーアイデンティティをもつ人々に、テクノロジーを使用した音楽やスキルの追求方法を教えています。平等に評価されることが難しい分野でのスキルや興味を広げるため、ガイダンスやツール、メンターシップを供給しているのです。各地域のチャプターを作成するためにグループを結集させ、教師のトレーニングやカリキュラム、ハードウェアやソフトウェアといった物資提供なども行います。コミュニティごとの需要は異なりますが、それぞれの調整を手助けしています。意図的なソーシャルメディア手法や業界とのパートナーシップ、イベントで才能を披露する場を設けたり、BBG.tvというコンテンツ作りをしたりとあらゆる機会を創出する社会的に存在感のあるプラットフォームを展開中です。


You have the honor of being the resident DJ of Rinse France. Tell us more about it and the story behind it. What would you recommend to a just-starting artist to get a dream residency like that?

I’m extremely grateful. If I have any advice, I think that taking a first residency on a local radio station and structuring the artistic sound direction of the project can be one of the paths leading to a dream residency. Be patient and make things happen step by step, while maintaining a coherent approach to what you’re proposing.

Being a resident at Rinse France is an exceptional opportunity; the curating is both cutting-edge and accessible. I would like to thank Azamat, Manaré, Luis and the whole team from the bottom of my heart for including me in the family and for the hard work they’ve achieved to make the independent underground French scene evolve and grow.

名誉あるRinse Franceに所属していますね。そのことについて詳しく教えてくれますか? また、はじめたばかりのアーティストがそのような位置に辿り着くためにはどんなことをおすすめしますか?


 Rinse Franceに所属しているのは非常に貴重な機会です。キュレーションはキレがありつつ、誰もが到達できるのが魅力でしょう。フランスのインデペンデント・アンダーグラウンドシーンの進化と成長に力を入れてきたAzamatやManaré、Luisをはじめとするチームには、私を家族として迎え入れてくれたことに心から感謝しています。

The Paris-based club Badaboum, is a polymorphic party venue in the heart of the Bastille area .. and another interesting residency you are involved in. Tell us more about it and your connection to the club.

Badaboum Club has been my house for 2 years now, and it  has offered me so much. Benjamin Charvet, the artistic director of the club, saw me playing in a small bar in Paris and offered me an All Night Long at Badaboum: 8 hours in a row when no one knew me. It was a big surprise. People from our scene were wondering where the f*** I came from, why I was there. He believed in me and I’m so grateful because I was a bb dj, only my friends were pushing me hard.

Then I started the residency and had the opportunity to invite great international artists such as Mell g, Saoirse, Yung Sigh, Stella Snacks, and Suki, and foster local talents growing up, such as Baraka.

パリ拠点のクラブ “Badaboum” は、バスティーユ地区の中心に位置する幅広く多様なパーティが開かれるベニューで、あなたはそこでもレジデントとして活動しています。クラブとの関係性について詳しく聞かせてください。

Badaboum Clubは、ここ2年程自分のホームであり、いろんなものを与えてくれた場所。アートディレクターのBenjamin Charvetがパリの小さなバーでプレイしている私を見かけて、8時間連続でプレイするBadaboumでの一夜イベントの機会をくれました。無名だったのにも関わらず。自分でもびっくりしました。音楽シーンの人々は、私が「こいつはどこの誰で。なぜいるのか」と疑問に思っていたはずです。それでも彼は私を信じてくれました。すごくありがたかったです。特にファンもいなかったし、あったとしても友達の後援のみ。

 その後、私はレジデントとなり、Mell G、Saoirse、Yung Sigh、Stella Snacks、Sukiなどの優れた国際的アーティストを招待する機会を得ることになりました。他にもBarakaなどの地元のタレントたちの姿もありました。

“A cross-pollination of breaks, bass, neo-rave, crunchy techno and electronica” is how you describe the style of your recent release “e-goatrip6ter” via your label Adrenaline Quality. What’s the process behind it?

As a result of a discussion with my little sister, this project deals with digital capitalism and mental health, with tracks like “look better online”, “social media advertising” and “Don’t believe the Hype”. The EP oscillates between musical genres into bass, techno, rave and acid, sprinkled with robotic melodies and cosmic sounds.  I like to mix styles, and make club music, sometimes the sounds are deconstructed because I love to break the moods.

最近Adrenaline Qualityからリリースした 『e-goatrip6ter』について、「ブレイク、ベース、ネオ・レイブ、クランチーテクノとエレクトロニカの異花授粉のようだ」とご自身で説明していますね。制作するにあたり、どのような過程がありましたか?妹とディスカッションした結果、このプロジェクトはデジタル資本主義とメンタルヘルスに関連していて、look better onlinesocial media advertisingDon’t believe the Hypeといったトラックが含まれています。このEPはベースやテクノ。レイブ、アシッドといった音楽ジャンル間を行き来し、ロボティックなメロディと宇宙的なサウンドが散りばめられています。スタイルを混ぜてクラブミュージックを作り上げ、また作り上げられたムードを壊すことも好きなので、その時々でプレイを変化させます。

photos: Simon Chirat 

make-up: Siro 

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