Hailing from Hong Kong ZOIE LAM & her fashion brand ZL_BY_ZLISM / with exclusive editorial shot and styled by KEYI STUDIO and VIDEO INTERVIEW

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Zoie Lam, the illustrator, visionary and creator of ZL BY ZLISM

Zl by Zlism brand by Zoie Lam and photos by Keyi Studio

She is the visionary behind Zlism, an imaginary planet meticulously crafted with its inhabitants and events. The benevolent characters exude positive energy, springing to life through Zoie’s artistic endeavors, each painting unveiling captivating stories. Zoie’s creations often manifest as intricate tapestries, densely woven with patterns and vibrant hues. Her drawings serve as a medium to shed light on diverse social phenomena, allowing her ideas to take shape on the canvas. Worked with brands like Dr Martens, Vans, New Balance, Levis, HK WHISKEY, Samsung, Reebok, Nike, Facebook & many more. Her own fashion brand Zl by Zlism brings her work to another spectrum of creativity.

Zl by Zlism brand by Zoie Lam and photos by Keyi Studio

Zoie Lam is from Hong Kong, and continues to live and work in the city. As the creator of the imaginary planet Zlism, her painterly vision tells of the residents and happenings of this surreal world. 

A storyteller through visual art, she brings her kind-hearted characters to life, unfolding their stories in paintings. Through this creative practice, the artist expresses her position on various social phenomena.

Zl by Zlism brand by Zoie Lam and photos by Keyi Studio

“ZL” are the initials of Zoie Lam, while “LISM” stands for her philosophy and ideas.

The subjects of the world of ZLISM are imaginary creatures modeled on various food items, which are from an imaginary ‘Food Planet.’

Zl by Zlism brand by Zoie Lam and photos by Keyi Studio


photography & retouch @keyistudio / Izabella Chrobok @berlin_bunny_ & Grzegorz Bacinski @eyes_dice

models Clara Jade @clarababy100 from @calcarriesmodel

Wilfred Wong @thatwilfred from @newyorkmodels

wardrobe by @zl_by_zlism styled by @zoielam08

assistant @igor_lakatos

makeup @regina.makeup.arena

hair @heidi.s_makeup

story published in @keyimagazine

special thanks to @karenpaint ⁠

Follow the project @zl_by_zlism

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