Namilia presents their AW24 collection “PFOTEN WEG!” @ Berlin Fashion Week – unruffled, well-moisturized and uninterested in engaging with bigots.

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As part of the upcoming AW24 collection, Namilia delves into the repercussions of acts of aggression against queer and femme bodies. With their collection “Pfoten Weg!”—which translates to “Paws Off!”—, Namilia finds harmony in both dressing up and finding concealment.

Fashion can serve as an imaginative space. A realm of fantasy that often provides a sanctuary for the flourishing of queer expression. Yet, it also comes with a dual reality where dressing up may expose individuals to negative attention. This can potentially result in verbal or physical aggression, especially in public spaces. The lingering question pertains to concerns about appearing too provocative, visibly gay, or excessively flamboyant: Are we taking up too much space?

It comes as no surprise that Namilia, founded in 2015 by Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl, stands as the perfect contender to delve into these dilemmas, with bold political statements, sex-positivity, and a challenge to social norms embedded in their DNA.

‘Pfoten Weg’ explores these questions through a fusion of diverse styles not only showcasing a bold departure from conventional fashion norms but also offering a unique exploration of contrasting aesthetics and cultural influences.

The upcoming runway show will incorporate elements of medieval armor and white trash glamor, serving as a deliberate and symbolic means to embody a unique pursuit: living out one’s fantasies while prioritizing safety. These contrasting elements seem to represent the balance between strength and vulnerability, tradition and subversion.

Medieval armor, traditionally associated with protection and fortification, might become a metaphorical shield against the aggression and negativity faced by queer and femme bodies in public spaces.

This incorporation suggests a commitment to self-preservation: communicating the importance of safeguarding one’s identity and expression in the face of potential hostility. On the other hand, the infusion of white trash glamor introduces an element of rebellion and defiance. This unconventional aesthetic, often perceived as provocative, challenges societal norms and expectations. It becomes a celebration of individuality and the right to exist authentically, regardless of societal judgments.

“Pfoten Weg!” might become more than a fashion collection; it could serve as a visual manifesto, using clothing as a medium to communicate the strength that arises from embracing one’s true self while navigating a world that may not always be accepting. Namilia will continue to embody a symbol of empowerment; unruffled, well-moisturized and uninterested in engaging with bigots.

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When: 21:00 – Tuesday, February 6 (invitation only)
Where: Kulturforum Gemäldegalerie, Matthäikirchplatz, 10785 Berlin


Author: Kelly van Gemert