Sanna Mun explores vocal experimentation in her dub-influenced single “Inferno.” drawing inspiration from Dante’s eponymous poem – read more & listen track premiere!

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sanna mun keyi agustin
Photo Agustín Farias

Sanna Mun explores vocal experimentation in her dub-influenced single “Inferno.” The record includes a dynamic remix by the French favorite Benales. Additionally, the single boasts an enigmatic reinterpretation by the rising Japanese artist Toru Katsuta. With a digital bonus rounding out the collection, Katsuta brings a fresh perspective to ‘Inferno,’ contributing to the eclectic tapestry of the release.

In addition to Benales’ remix, the single boasts an enigmatic reinterpretation by the rising Japanese artist Toru Katsuta. With a digital bonus rounding out the collection, Katsuta’s contribution brings a fresh perspective to ‘Inferno,’ contributing to the eclectic tapestry of the release.

This collaborative effort reflects not only the diverse talent involved but also the intersection of various musical influences. ‘Inferno’ serves as a testament to the thriving creativity within the electronic music landscape, where artists like Sanna Mun, Benales, and Toru Katsuta continue to push boundaries and shape the ever-evolving soundscape of contemporary music.


Sanna Mun, an interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin, is renowned for her diverse sound, spanning ambient, raw, and classic techno. Rooted in a background of archaeology and esotericism, her music reflects organically evolving motifs, influencing both her productions and dynamic DJ sets and live performances. Sanna’s label, Katabasis, is intricately shaped by her unique approach, blending modern club culture with primordial rituals and mythologies.

Launching Katabasis in 2019 as a series of experimental events, Sanna officially introduced the label with her debut EP, Katabasis 001, in 2022. Drawing inspiration from Pythagoras’ Music of the Spheres, the release garnered international acclaim, setting the stage for her remix contribution to Clone’s Repetitive Rhythm Research alongside Surgeon. Her second EP, Initiation, a nod to her metal music past, quickly followed on Ø [Phase]’s Modwerks label, earning recognition on Groove Magazine’s Top 30 Chart.

Continuing her creative journey, Sanna released a second EP on Katabasis in 2023, exploring otherworldly concepts with enthusiastic praise. The trilogy of tracks delves into an auditory exploration of Neoplatonism. Future projects include a remix EP on Katabasis which will revisit the hit tracks of her first two releases on the label. Additionally, another record further expanding on the dub-side of Sanna’s sound is poised for release on Modwerks later this year.

At the core of Sanna’s artistic pursuits are the frontiers of freedom and self-expression, themes woven into her music, which embodies the archetypal katabasis with a rhythmic rebellion resonating within techno’s grassroots.

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sanna mun keyi agustin
sanna mun keyi agustin

Hello Sanna, how’s everything going? What are your thoughts on this release?

Things are going great, thank you. I’m currently preparing for an important year ahead. I’ve just started working with a new booking agent who is busy filling my calendar, and I have some exciting podcasts and releases in the works.

sanna mun keyi agustin
Photo Agustín Farias

This release is particularly special to me. It features my own vocals reciting from Dante’s ‘Inferno.’ Just as nightlife might be perceived as hellish or hedonistic, it can also be cathartic and transcendent—an important allegory in Dante’s work and also in the rebellious grassroots of techno music.

I actually came from a completely different background, having previously been a guitarist and singer in Los Angeles. Part of my band was based in Berlin, and that’s how I discovered the techno scene here. Before that, I had already been producing electro tracks as a teenager but hadn’t been able to experience it in person. There’s something ancient and magical about the act of dancing together through the night that converted me.

What stands out as the most crucial lesson you’ve gained from your experience in the electronic music industry? How do you think it helps you within this EP ?

I think that would have to be learning to ask for help. In electronic music, you have to be a jack of all trades. You’re the performer, producer, sound engineer, art director, and sometimes label owner and manager. On top of that, you’re also expected to market yourself, which I think many artists struggle with because it’s not exactly our natural inclination. The electronic music scene is wonderful because it’s a community that thrives on collaboration and mutual support. I’m grateful to have worked with Benales and Toru Katsuta on this EP, which was mastered by Ø [Phase], whom I also frequently collaborate with. I’m looking forward to expanding my label, Katabasis, shortly to feature and support more of my favorite artists.

I first met Benales in Georgia a few years ago. We immediately connected, and our friendship eventually led to this collaboration. He’s an artist’s artist, not only in the sense that DJs love his music, but also because when I’ve seen him play, I appreciate how he arrives at the venue early just to listen to each set before his own.

Toru Katsuta is another true creative I’m glad to have crossed paths with through our releases on Modwerks. When I approached him for a remix, he sent nine versions to choose from. They were all of such high quality that it was challenging to pick, which is why we decided to present two versions of his remixes. I’m thankful to have worked with such passionate producers on this release, as that’s the essence of the single.

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Artist: Sanna Mun
Remixers: Benales, Toru Katsuta
Title: Katabasis 003
Label: Katabasis
Catalogue: KATA003
Purchase link:


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