Maria Chany will plead for rebellion and unity during Berlin Fashion Week with their “NEW WORLD” collection.

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Though quiet and introverted in her personal demeanor, Maria Chany’s collections speak volumes.

Hailing from a small, restrictive, and conservative environment in Serbia, designer Marija Chanji now channels her inner rebellion through her designs. Her alter ego, Maria Chany, is dressed in bold shapes and dark hues. The weight of her garments acts as a symbol of comfort in situations of pressure. Layers of hoods, studs, and metal accessories are protecting her, showing both her strength and vulnerability.

In Maria Chany’s inner world, different characters clash, mirroring the conflicts of the diverse worlds in our society.

These collisions create big bangs that result in unique manifestations – her collections. Enter her UNIverse, a realm governed by the only rule of existence: UNITY without boundaries. Maria Chany’s collections, much like the universe, are a mix of different worlds colliding, consistently producing unique and distinctive pieces. Almost all Chany collections are seasonless, and each piece is designed for unisex wear. 

Themes of alien abductions symbolize the departure from the familiar, inviting individuals to voluntarily leave Earth together through her designs.

The “NEW WORLD” collection serves as a spaceship, taking the audience on a trip deep into the cosmos. Drawing inspiration from dark and faraway places in the universe, where ego, differences, and discriminations cease to exist. We expect that Maria Chany will offer us solutions to a better world on Earth.

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Art direction & photography: Jovana Nikolic
Model: Andrijana Mećava

Witness Maria Chany’s fashion show during KEYI Magazine’s Berlin Fashion Week event at OXI on February 8!

When: Thursday, February 8 from 6pm
Where: OXI – Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin

Please keep in mind that we have limited capacity, in addition to purchasing the ticket, pre-registration is required.

We offer special discount tickets for those arriving before 9 pm. Secure your spot through pre-registration here.

Author: Kelly van Gemert