FADE OUT LABEL crafts timeless narratives through denim during Berlin Fashion Week.

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Founded by Andrea Bonfini in early 2015, FADE OUT LABEL embraces a slower, more deliberate approach of fashion design they call “timeless creativity”.

In stark opposition to the fast-paced norms of today’s fashion industry, FADE OUT LABEL emerges as a denim-couture brand challenging the industry’s swift tempo.

During the era of the Berlin Wall, wearing jeans in the Deutsche Demokratische Republik was practically forbidden. Blue jeans symbolized forbidden Western culture, rebellion, and rock ‘n’ roll.

The fall of the wall in 1989 transformed this narrative, but even today, jeans remain a powerful symbol of freedom in Berlin. Therefore it’s unsurprising that FADE OUT LABEL prefers denim as their material of choice, procured from charity stores or flea markets.

Bonfini and his team constantly engage in a process of deconstruction, washing, sanitizing, ironing, and reassembling the denim: the label oversees the entire development and production process in its Berlin atelier.

The oversized fit, crafted from deconstructed vintage denim and upcycled fabrics, forms the foundation of the brand’s collections. The use of recycled materials transforms these pieces into hand-crafted one-offs—repeatable, yet always different. Wearing the pieces over time adds character to the pieces through fading shades, preserving a memory of the past. It is safe to say that, in a world that often rushes forward, FADE OUT LABEL reminds us to slow down, appreciating true craftsmanship.

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Witness FADE OUT LABEL’s fashion show during KEYI Magazine’s Berlin Fashion Week event at OXI on February 8!

When: Thursday, February 8 from 6pm
Where: OXI – Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin

Please keep in mind that we have limited capacity, in addition to purchasing the ticket, pre-registration is required.

We offer special discount tickets for those arriving before 9 pm. Secure your spot through pre-registration here.

Author: Kelly van Gemert