“Where The Wild Roam” EP unveils a sublime synergy between Tomasz Guiddo and Jimi Tenor on Compost Records.+Track Premiere

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“Where The Wild Roam” EP unveils a sublime synergy between Tomasz Guiddo and Jimi Tenor, poised to enchant listeners through a 12″ vinyl release on Compost Records.

Where The Wild Roam EP – A wonderful song with a heartwarming hook. Jimi Tenor and Tomasz Guiddo at their best. With three delightful feel-good remixes by the shining light, Erobique, Freestyle Man and Ale Castro.


Erobique, who recently had chart hits in middle Europe and was a member of International Pony with DJ Koze back in the days. He also wrote fantastic musical scores for the “Tatortreiniger” TV series (with Bjarne Mädel) and celebrated sold-out live shows all over Germany and Austria. Freestyle Man, perhaps better known as Sasse from Moodmusic, is recognized for delivering many excellent deep house gems. Ale Castro from Argentina also contributes to the top-notch remixes with a DJ-friendly house version.
Last but not least, the legendary Austrian crooner Louie Austen works his magic with his voice on “Smile,” conjuring a smile on our faces.

Tomasz Guiddo, a regular on Compost Records, is celebrated for his diverse musical expressions across labels such as Beats In Space, Luv Shack, Get Physical, KID, and even Ostgut Ton (Manhooker), covering genres from jazz to deep house and disco, and Jimi Tenor, the revered Finnish maestro, a genius composer described as a mixture of Gil Evans, Jimi Hendrix, and Fela Kuti, seamlessly melds their talents, crafting a sonic experience that transcends traditional genres.

A notable highlight of this EP is the contribution of the legendary Austrian crooner Louie Austen on the second track “Smile”, adding a touch of elegance to the collaboration. The allure of this musical tapestry is further heightened by three exquisite remixes by Erobique, Freestyle Man, and Ale Castro.

At the core of this EP lies a narrative inspired by profound beliefs in love, freedom and happiness, coupled with the mystique of witnessing the northern lights. Through gentle melodies and nuanced arrangements, the artists guide listeners on a contemplative journey, where music becomes a vessel for exploring life’s extraordinary moments. “Where The Wild Roam” is not merely an EP; it is a testament to the delicate artistry that emerges when two musical virtuosos converge in a harmonious dance of creativity. 


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