After the White Rats trilogy behemoth that came out on Lies records, Oliver Ho’s Broken English Club returns with a startling album exploring technology, reality, spirit, and the self. + Track Premiere

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Coming on Oliver’s own Death & Leisure imprint, The Artificial Animal is a no-compromise journey through raw data noise, feedback, raw dubby techno, and experimental cut-up sound pieces. 

Throughout the 12-track album, there is a sense of overload and electronic fevered hallucination counterbalanced with primitive rhythmic machine music.

The pulsating low throbbing bass and soaring synths of Ersatz mark the beginning, the drama slowly builds with caustic noise and arabic trumpet calls. This is closely followed by the stuttering sound collage of The Artificial Animal. Concepts of spirit, artifice and technology are the inspiration for the chopped up clips of tv show exorcisms, inter spliced with feedback and static, creating a bewildering kaleidoscope of sounds and texture.

After this shocking introduction we jump straight in with Snub, a heavy relentless acid track with roaring distorted drones, that constantly moves higher and higher in intensity. The Slow Bleed follows with dubby warehouse beats and metallic screeches echoing in the background. Concrete is next with broken scrap metal rhythms and melancholic synths which bring to mind early Apex Twin. Next is Sink, a barrage of undulating spiralling synths, white noise and mashed down-tuned vocal take everything into an experimental direction. Following this, Neck brings Warp style staccato bleeps and broken beats, creating a kind of plastic funk. Collapse brings atonal synths and sea sick shimmering chords over heavy drums. Blood and Wire takes a turn into ambient synth atmospheres punctuated by heavy blasts of death metal screams and white noise, creating a feeling that Is both ethereal and maximalist in its level of intense noise.

Next is Grey Sands, a dusty atmospheric groove with sparse squarewave bass stabs and industrial high drones. The album moves towards its end with Pervert and its cycling knife sharp buzzing synth drops, raw data noise and psychotic low vocals. The final goodbye is World of Fire, moody ambient atmospheres with glitch slow motion gabba bass drums and the repeated vocal phrase, “Everything’s on fire”. In its entirety the album is a dense collection of sounds and rhythms, theres nothing here for posers, techno fashion victims and party tourists, this music is for obsessives looking for noise and raw broken soul.

在Lies唱片公司发行的白鼠三部曲巨作之后,Oliver Ho的Broken English Club带着一张探索技术、现实、精神和自我的惊人专辑回归。

由Oliver自己的Death & Leisure厂牌发行的《人造动物》是一次不折不扣的旅程,通过原始数据噪音、反馈、原始dubby techno和实验性切割声音作品。

在这个令人震惊的介绍之后,我们直接跳进了《Snub》,这是一首沉重的无情的酸音乐,带有咆哮的扭曲的无人机,在强度上不断提高。缓慢的流血 “紧随其后,配音仓库的节奏和金属的尖叫声在背景中回荡。接下来是《Concrete》,破碎的废金属节奏和忧郁的合成器,让人想起早期的Apex Twin。接下来是《Sink》,一连串起伏的螺旋式合成器、白噪音和捣碎的下调式人声将一切带入实验性的方向。在这之后,Neck带来了Warp风格的staccato bleeps和破碎的节奏,创造了一种塑料放克。崩溃 “带来了无调性的合成器和在沉重的鼓声上闪烁的海洋病的和弦。Blood and Wire进入了环境合成器的氛围,被死亡金属尖叫声和白噪音的重击所打断,创造了一种既空灵又最大程度的强烈噪音的感觉。

接下来是《灰沙》,这是一首尘土飞扬的大气槽,其中有稀疏的方波低音刺和工业化的高噪音。这张专辑在 “变态 “和其循环的刀锋式嗡嗡声合成器下降、原始数据噪音和精神病性的低沉人声中走向结束。最后的告别是《火的世界》,喜怒无常的环境气氛,伴随着突变的慢动作Gabba低音鼓和重复的人声短语,”一切都在燃烧”。整张专辑是一个密集的声音和节奏的集合,这里没有什么是为装腔作势者、技术时尚的受害者和派对游客准备的,这种音乐是为寻找噪音和原始破碎灵魂的痴迷者准备的。