” 1984 ” – R. Djordan presents his new album, a 16 tracks electronic release composed of Dark electro & electro funk + Track Premiere

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R. Djordan presents his new album ” 1984 “, a 16 tracks electronic release composed of Dark electro & electro funk

Musical influences of “1984”, themes from Georges Orwell’s novel, Come from The American producer Quincy Jones for the guitar-played funky tracks, the French Touch Electro for the use of the Vocoder and “Dark” electronic basses, Ziad Rahbani (Lebanese producer of Fairuz) for the Electro-Oriental track mixing synthesizer and Wind/string instruments.


“For the album intro, Aquarius, I immersed myself in the music of Eric Serra composed for the cult French movie ” the Big blue ” in the late 80s. There are also some Laidback tracks reminiscent of California sounds.

Finally, for “movie soundtrack” tracks, I drew my inspiration from Asian percussion instruments.
” Day of Wrath” is an Opéra-Rock-Electronic track which have been recently presented by André Manoukian, a French jazz pianist who uses to be music jury in the famous French music TV show

“Regarding the cover, the graphic inspiration comes from the psychedelic, illusionist and abstract works of the 80s by the famous painter Victor Vasarely, a French artist of Hungarian origin who marked his era in Op Art. To get as close to the funky sounds of 1980, I collaborated first with two Brazilian musicians, electric guitarist Junior Souza and bass guitarist Rubens Filho, to get a specific funky signature. At the same time, I used electronic drums, vintage synthesizer emulations and the vocoder to keep an electro backbone to this album. I practiced crate digging for final arrangements, added composition with orchestral synthetic sounds.

To sum up, a rich and interesting multicultural music experience, for an album which is made of shadow and light.”

R. Djordan

R. Djordan is a French Independent music producer and he spent a large part of his life in Paris, where he was born. Passionate about music (soul, groove, funk, electro, film, Movie soundtrack), and Cratte digging, he started to produce music tracks a long time ago from samples, self-taught.

He then released in 2010 his first digital album which retraces 6 years of Groove and Electro instrumental production, with keyboard composition. 6 albums are chained then, in total self-production.

In 2015, he started getting editorially playlisted internationally with a downtempo electro remix by an Australian artist who was just emerging at the time. This is followed by the publication of the tracklist of my albums on the MTV website, FM radio broadcasts of the remix in California, then publications in the international, Australian and American music press mainly.