Emmanuel De La Paix and “The Physics of Clouds” as a conceptual piece inspired by visual research + Track Premiere

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Keyi Magazine Emanuel de la paix keyi

The album draws its inspiration from my exploration of sonic art visuals, particularly focusing on reimagined images, often mirrored, from my everyday experiences. Through these reinterpretations, I aim to highlight how emotions can give rise to new dimensions from a tangible reality. It’s a reflection on the notion that the most essential aspects often elude our direct perception but remain the very essence we tirelessly seek.


Consider a reimagined depiction of the Eiffel Tower, flipped and mirrored, transforming into a steel sculpture etched against the sky. Despite the countless portrayals of the Eiffel Tower, humanity continues to strive to capture its intangible essence. This elusive quality is akin to the ethereal nature of clouds.

Keyi Magazine Emanuel de la paix keyi

My album serves as a conceptual journey, akin to simple and primal elements found on the periodic table.

Keyi Magazine Emanuel de la paix keyi

Just as rarefied elements can condense into weightier or more significant forms, my compositions evolve into complete songs that are part of a broader universe. It’s a genesis, where my sounds, noises, imagery, and visual art converge to find their origin.

His music regularly combines guitars, acoustic elements, and electronics, embracing synths and classical instruments while balancing a personal exploration of musical sound. Inspired by the rugged landscapes and unrestrained forces of nature found in both Switzerland and Iceland, his epic songs convey the healing power inherent in nature as well as music, uniting the two in a unique manner.

His debut album, “Rescue Pack,” released in 2021, is a grandiose mix of shoegaze-ish post-rock, ambient, and experimental electronics. “Terre Brûlée,” his second album released in 2022, not only references the French term describing scorched earth, a wartime strategy of leaving nothing behind when retreating from an enemy, but also signifies the state into which humanity seems to be driving our planet.

The album “The Physics of Clouds” is a conceptual piece inspired by my visual research. My reimagined images portray a perfection that transcends reality. In a sense, I capture space-time portals: certain places evoke a beauty that eludes both the human eye and the camera. Through my work, I aim to capture the invisible, the concealed realm that slips into this fleeting yet profound dimension. My intention is to grasp that dimension which encompasses the unique sensation of being connected to the eternal, to the Universe.

Given that the human eye easily perceives a sense of perfection through symmetry (as seen in the shapes of squares or circles), I utilize mirrored images to represent the beauty of complexity within a modern and popular paradigm. This theme is also reflected in my album, where I oscillate between simple, sparse sounds with few notes and more substantial, condensed elements that traverse a diverse path. It is a meticulously crafted sonic journey.


Engineer – Birgir Jón Birgisson

Mixed @ Sundlaugin – Iceland

Movie maker and picture directed by Tobias Wüthrich

Cover Ideas by Emmanuel De La Paix /Cover Art by _Frattac

Straight To Your Brain is an Electronic Music Label based in Lugano, Switzerland,

a division of SevenScalesMusicGroup.

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