Renegade Methodz with a fresh release from the label owner – Endlec. Find out the exclusive track via KEYI Magazine

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Coming up next on Renegade Methodz is label head Endlec. Following his acclaimed “Cycle Of Doom” EP from last year, the Greek producer makes his first release of 2024 on the label.


With “Futur Akustik,” Endlec revisits a sound that defined him earlier in his career, delivering dry, loop-based techno crafted with classic techniques but tailored for today’s dancefloors. This release showcases Endlec’s talent for creating memorable sonic landscapes and highlights his admirable studio skills.

Minimal yet meticulously crafted, “Futur Akustik” presents a cohesive collection of classic techno tracks. Each piece blends raw, percussive elements and powerful kick drums with dominant synth lines, evoking a sense of intensity and raw emotion while keeping the rhythms straightforward for the dancefloor.

“Max Hit” kicks off the release with an imposing introduction, featuring bold percussion and metallic sounds that build overwhelming tension. “Faux Wave 3” expands the sonic palette with tight, saturated grooves and razor-sharp lead lines.

On the flip side, “Systematica” delves deeper with its infectious bassline and ominous synth motif, while “Signalion” closes the EP with a darker, hypnotic energy featuring distorted drums and captivating metallic tones.

With “Futur Akustik,” Endlec pays homage to the true spirit of techno, offering a refined yet effective glimpse into what the future holds.



Renegade Methodz