Southern California’s Selective Response is what happens when dedication to self- expression and hard work meet an insatiable passion for techno + Track Premiere of upcoming ‘Modern Romance’ release.

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The latest release on his Crisis Of Man imprint is testament to an innate capability for avant-garde production and boundary-crossing acoustic vision. ‘Modern Romance’ samples a plethora of hard-dance influence, delivered alongside a handpicked team of uniquely profound artists with individual spins on the raucous original mix.

他在Crisis Of Man唱片公司的最新作品证明了他与生俱来的前卫制作能力和跨越边界的声学视野。Modern Romance》对大量的硬舞影响进行了采样,并与精心挑选的具有独特深度的艺术家团队一起在喧闹的原始混合中进行了单独的旋转。

Released on 5th August, ‘Modern Romance’ is a pulsating techno record with driving beats and rave-inspired acid lines. Combining a pounding core of solid drums and knife-life hat sequences with an explicit vocal topline, its modulating analogue feel delivers a worthy peak-time dancefloor weapon. Dave N.A. provides the first of the accompanying remixes, which will be packaged into the second part of the release out on the 19th August, combining rambunctious breakbeat rhythms to carve out an instant classic – reminiscent of the early days of jungle. Luciid treads an industrial techno line, serving up a relentlessly warehouse-worthy remix at breakneck speeds that will heat the soles of even the thickest stomping boots. RS:VC rounds off the release with another electrifying remix offering. Leaping fearlessly into the realm of hardcore, this interpretation will quench the thirst of even the most seasoned ravers, injecting a ferocious stream of hammering kicks and piercing percs alongside eerie melodic layers and hair-raising drops.

8月5日发行的 “Modern Romance “是一张脉动的技术唱片,具有驱动性的节拍和狂欢启发的酸线。它将坚实的鼓点和刀锋般的帽子序列与明确的人声顶线相结合,其调制的模拟感觉提供了一个值得信赖的高峰期舞池武器。Dave N.A.提供了第一首附带的混音,它将被打包到8月19日发行的第二部分中,结合狂暴的Breakbeat节奏,刻画出一个即时的经典–让人想起丛林的早期。Luciid走的是工业技术路线,以极快的速度提供了一个无情的、具有仓库价值的混音,甚至会加热最厚的靴子的鞋底。RS:VC以另一首电光火石的混音作品结束了这次发行。无畏地跳入硬核领域,这个解释将解渴,即使是最老练的ravers,注入一个凶猛的流锤踢和刺耳的percs,以及阴森的旋律层和发散的下降。

Selective Response’s ‘Modern Romance’ is out on 5th August, and the remixes the 19th August on Crisis Of Man.

Selective Response的《Modern Romance》将于8月5日发行,而混音版将于8月19日在Crisis Of Man发行。