Interview with Agnieszka Szuran – the creator of SINUOUS SISTERS lingerie & fashion brand.

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How did this brand come into existence? What was the drive behind creating a lingerie brand?

In life, I’m seeking beauty, elegance, and authenticity. Those are the principles that gave integrity to my project. Lingerie is a very important yet quite underestimated part of a woman’s wardrobe. All in all, it is the first layer that is in contact with the skin. What one wears has a direct impact on how one feels. I have a very minimalistic style so for me, lingerie must be elegant yet comfortable. That sounds simple but I simply couldn’t find anything on the market that would satisfy me completely. So I decided to create something for myself.

• 这个品牌是如何形成的?创建一个内衣品牌背后的动力是什么?


Model: Alexandra
Model: Alexandra

• How long have you been in fashion and what’s the story behind it?

The Sinuous Sisters brand is almost 5 years old. It came into existence from a personal urge and necessity to create. First I started to make things for myself playing with the form, styles, and cuts. I remember that I could spend hours making sketches and translating them into forms which lead to the creation of the first pieces. I view fashion as a tool to express yourself and to make a personal statement.

• 你从事时尚行业多久了,背后有什么故事?

Sinuous Sisters品牌已经有近5年的历史。它的出现是出于个人对创造的冲动和需要。首先,我开始为自己制作东西,玩弄形式、风格和切割。我记得我可以花几个小时来画草图,并把它们转化为形式,这导致了第一批作品的诞生。我认为时尚是一个表达自己和发表个人声明的工具。

• What sets you apart from other sophisticated lingerie brands?

I think that what distinguishes me from other brands is the feminine approach. I’m creating lingerie that is designed by women for women. For me lingerie is not about being sexy, it is all about elegance and empowerment. You need to feel good in your body. A strong confident woman is far more attractive than simply ‘sexy’. Through my designs, I want to celebrate women in all their complexity, boldness, and sensuality.

• 是什么让你们与其他精致的内衣品牌有所不同?

我认为,我与其他品牌的区别在于女性化的方法。我正在创造由女性为女性设计的内衣。对我来说,内衣不是关于性感,它是关于优雅和授权。你需要对自己的身体感觉良好。一个强大自信的女人远比简单的 “性感 “更有吸引力。通过我的设计,我想赞美女性的所有复杂性、大胆性和感性。

Model: Melania

• Your brand is based in Berlin. Fetish, kink, elegance, and naturally, the color black, are staples of the city’s reputation. How has the Berlin fashion and nightlife scene influenced your work

As long as I can remember I was attracted to Berlin’s nightlife, its diversity, and its peculiar unique beauty. I will not lie, I love watching people. The versatility of characters and the courage to express oneself is a very powerful aspect of the scene, it inspires me very much.

• 你的品牌总部在柏林。恋物癖、怪癖、优雅,以及自然而然的黑色,是这个城市声誉的主要内容。柏林的时尚和夜生活场景如何影响了你的工作?


Model: Melon

• You’ve expanded from just being a lingerie brand to now offering clothing, accessories, and swimwear. Where do you see this brand expanding further in the next five or ten years?

Sinuous Sisters stands for elegance and simplicity. I use very high-quality materials and produce all our handcrafted pieces locally, in Poland. I want to make highly sustainable women’s fashion. Pieces that my granddaughter will use. Conscious slow fashion is the future we all should aim for.

• 你已经从仅仅是一个内衣品牌扩展到现在提供服装、配件和泳装。你认为这个品牌在未来5年或10年内会进一步扩展到哪里?

Sinuous Sisters代表着优雅和简约。我使用非常高质量的材料,并在波兰当地生产我们所有的手工作品。我想做的是高度可持续的女性时尚。我的孙女会使用的作品。有意识的慢时尚是我们所有人应该追求的未来。

• What’s your inspiration for creating fashion on daily basis?

It might sound cliche but science, art, music, poetry, and people are my greatest inspirations. As I am a self-taught designer and I work with my instinct, I don’t have a fixed creative process so I don’t care about seasons and trends. Sometimes a chat with a friend or a walk in a park leads to creating a whole new capsule collection.

• 你每天创造时尚的灵感是什么?


Model: Anastasia

• You are also a talented architect, for sure it gives you a different perspective to look at the creation of things. Does it influence your work as a fashion designer?

Architecture is my first passion. I always wanted to create an environment for human interactions in the space where life happens. As a designer, I create body architecture. My focus is to create a line of timeless hand-crafted pieces blending elevated elegance with ready-to-wear simplicity.

• 你也是一个有才华的建筑师,肯定它给你一个不同的角度来看待事物的创造。它影响了你作为一个时装设计师的工作吗?


Model: Alexandra

• Have you ever been to Asia? What’s your favorite destination? Where would you go if you could just pack your things and go on holiday to gain some inspiration for your next designs?

I have visited Japan a few times and every time it was an amazing, deeply transforming experience. I admire the balanced coexistence of technology and tradition. I am always hugely inspired by the simplicity and timeless beauty of Japanese design and I am trying to incorporate the best of this aesthetic into my pieces.

If I could simply pack my bags and go anywhere, I would choose China or South Korea as my next destination. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to discover those countries soon.

• 你曾经去过亚洲吗?你最喜欢的目的地是哪里?如果你可以收拾东西去度假,为你的下一个设计获得一些灵感,你会去哪里?



Model: Alexandra
Model: Anastasia

Brand: Sinuous Sisters @sinuoussisters

Photo : I. Chrobok + G. Bacinski @keyistudio

Location: Pandora Gallery @pandora_kreuzberg


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Interview: Hannah Chen , Edits: Izabella Chrobok