Elena Chaykovskaya – London based artist presents “Surreal Walks” art editorial & interview by Izabella Chrobok.

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Surreal museum walks. Moving living souls interacting with the world. The artist Elena Chaykovskaya explains her idea.

Surreal museum walks. Moving living souls interacting with the world. The artist Elena Chaykovskaya explains her idea.

Hailing from London – Elena Chaykovskaya – London based artist presents “Surreal Walks” art editorial. – screenwriter, director of photography, multiple film festivals winner, visual expert & public speaker. Sharing her exclusive photo story with Keyi Magazine she explains her idea behind it.

“I love symmetry, surrealism and exotic colours. That was the inspiration behind these images. I’ve grown up leaving across the globe in different countries and started to notice how different people behave depending on their surroundings. That brought me to the thought that people, in some sense, are moving souls that fit and adjust according to their surroundings. Therefore, I came to the idea of ‘Surreal Walks’ where I captured the surroundings where people are more part of the image rather than its main subject but still remain important as a moving part of this surreal space.”

超现实主义的博物馆漫步。 动人的灵魂与世界互动。艺术家 Elena Chaykovskaya 解释了她的想法。

来自伦敦 – Elena Chaykovskaya – 编剧、摄影指导、多个电影节获奖者、视觉专家和公众演说家。 与 Keyi 杂志分享她的独家照片故事,她解释了她背后的想法。


What’s your art path? What was the breaking point of your career to become professional in your industry?

My art path started at the same time as I began to notice things as a baby. As a little human, you accept your reality as it is. In my head, I thought everyone sees the world in the same ‘creative’ way. Getting older I started to notice that it’s not the case and that ability to sense beauty is a gift but a curse at the same time. My ‘breaking point came to me when I sensed that some people who have less of my ‘visual gift’ very passionately pursue their dreams. My biggest surprise was that they’re not ashamed to show their art (which in my opinion wasn’t exactly perfect). That realization still catches me every day, but I think it’s exactly the way to go – Just to go.


我的艺术之路是在我开始注意到婴儿时的事情的同时开始的。作为一个小人,你接受你的现实,因为它是。在我的脑子里,我认为每个人都以同样的 “创造性 “方式看待世界。随着年龄的增长,我开始注意到事实并非如此,感知美的能力是一种天赋,但同时也是一种诅咒。我的 “突破点 “出现在我身上,因为我感觉到有些人没有我的 “视觉天赋”,却非常热情地追求他们的梦想。我最大的惊喜是,他们不以展示自己的艺术为耻(在我看来并不完全完美)。这种认识仍然每天吸引着我,但我认为这正是要走的路–只是要走。

艺术家 Elena Chaykovskaya 解释了她的想法。

How did you get into screenwriting? What was your last project? Could you tell us more about it? 

Screenwriting is my biggest baby of all time. It’s my meditation, my love and my passion. I was always into psychology but never thought that this hobby would grow into this game of ‘constructing people’ and their realities from scratch. I began to write when I was about 7 but never took it seriously – it was just something I enjoyed trying out at that age.

Later, at the age of 11 I showed something I wrote to my Literature teacher – her exact words were – ‘Elena, It’s a little disaster. Suggestion – don’t write ever again’. And I heard her and literally stopped doing that for a very long time. Somehow I ended up studying Film as my Bachelor and ‘Scriptwriting’ was a compulsory module. The script that I wrote for my assignment somehow ended top three of the class – I was shocked but at the same time it felt RIGHT. Within the next three years, my scripts would take Golds in several Film Festivals and nicely surprise the industry professionals. Now I know exactly what I do and I love it. My last Script is being submitted to the Cannes Film Festival – fingers crossed we’re going to win something!


编剧是我一直以来最大的宝贝。它是我的冥想,我的爱和我的激情。我一直对心理学感兴趣,但从未想过这种爱好会发展成这种从头开始 “构建人 “和他们的现实的游戏。我大约7岁时开始写作,但从未认真对待–这只是我在那个年龄段喜欢尝试的东西。后来,在我11岁的时候,我给我的文学老师看了我写的东西,她的原话是:”埃琳娜,这是个小灾难。建议–不要再写了”。我听了她的话,在很长一段时间内真的不再写了。不知何故,我最终在本科学习了电影,”剧本创作 “是一个必修模块。我为我的作业写的剧本不知怎么就成了全班的前三名–我很震惊,但同时也觉得很有道理。在接下来的三年里,我的剧本在几个电影节上获得了金奖,并让业界的专业人士感到非常惊讶。现在,我清楚地知道我在做什么,而且我喜欢它。我的最后一个剧本正在提交给戛纳电影节–希望我们能赢得一些东西!”。

Tell us about your prices you won and process behind it. What would you advise to the emerging artists with similar aspirations to participate in competitions?

As I mentioned I do several things from Screenwriting to being a Director of Photography on the set. The Biggest obstacle that the industry actively pushes is ‘You can only do ONE thing well’. For me, one activity ‘charges’ and inspires me to persist my dreams in another field and it does it well. Learn how to speak and listen to yourself. Meditate and read. Explore your interests. It all will come into one solid piece – YOU. I took part in many Photography and Film competitions – that doesn’t mean I won every single one of them. But I don’t take ‘no’ as a measure of my work. If I wasn’t selected or didn’t win – it just wasn’t my competition.


正如我提到的,我做了几件事,从编剧到在片场担任摄影指导。这个行业积极推动的最大障碍是 “你只能做好一件事”。对我来说,一项活动’充电’并激励我在另一个领域坚持我的梦想,而且它做得很好。 学习如何说话和倾听自己的声音。冥想和阅读。探索你的兴趣。这一切都将成为一个坚实的部分–你。 我参加了许多摄影和电影比赛–这并不意味着我赢得了其中的每一个。但我不把 “不 “作为衡量我工作的标准。如果我没有被选中或没有获奖–那就不是我的比赛。

You have so many talents.. if you would mention your 3 best skills, what it would be? If you would must pick 3 things as core of your path, what it would be?

So three best skills: Communication, and the Ability to analyse and adapt quickly, I DON’T take ‘no’ as an answer/judging status. And three things as a core I’d say: I started listening to myself to what I really want (e.g. The idea was to study Finance in Madrid, instead I applied to my dream University in the UK without telling my parents – that worked out amazing for me). I came up with the projects that are yet to come and I know they are going to take it all and I’m not afraid to invest in them. I meditated and moved away to a different city – my biggest engine of all time.



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