Furfriend is back with their new ‘Curious Yellow EP’ on Void+1 recordings. + Track Premiere

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Hydrants beware! Furfriend is back!

Dingo Tush & Das Uberdog (Furfriend) have awakened from their well-deserved hibernation and are itching to tell you all about the sweet dreams they had. Dreams that they thought would be best told in a trilogy of earworms which would eventually feed on your brain.

When the news of their awakening broke out, Void+1 Laboratories, against better judgement, made it their mission to log the dreams from these mythical beasts. Regretfully, they did not anticipate that the celestial voice of Dingo Tush could infect the minds of all of their employees and cause a chain reaction that would in matter of days make a whole universe sing in unison for eternity. Although V+1 did learn a valuable lesson (not really), that universe had to be “abandoned” and the exit-point plugged (to answer the question that just popped up in your mind: yes).


After applying Das Uberdog’s custom-built, quantum censorship filters (totally not sci-fi gibberish, foogle it) to the original recordings, they were modified into 3 interdimensional, techno megahits that are now safe to be presented to the public (As far as we know… But don’t worry, plugs in all sizes are ready for just in case).

Furfriend is Dingo Tush (vocals) and Das Uberdog (Production) Originally Inspired by Tracks like LaTour’s ‘People are still having sex’ and The Horrorists ‘one night in new york city’, Furfriend have developed their own style of dirty noisy techno fi..

Furfriend is everything you never dared to have sex about. From the depths of warm and tight cavities come the two stud dogs Dingo Tush (vocals) and Das Uberdog (production) born in a place in space and time where all things are created equal and love children sprout from all kinds of couplings, they tell tales of universal pleasure and love without limits. The dogs have made a quick name for themselves and kickstarted their career on Killekill Records. Now with releases on Perc Trax and BPitch, the world is becoming their playground and they are the nightmare of hydrants around the globe as their territory grows.



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