Serbian music producer and DJ, Scalameriya, has crafted a distinctive niche within the saturated realm of techno back with EP on VOID +

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Scalameriya was never the brightest crayon in the box. When he heard that some of his colleagues had a lot of success using ghost-producers, he set out to acquire one for himself.

After capturing a tier-5 ghost that was tormenting him every night at 3:33am, he attempted to teach it how to produce techno tracks for countless hours, but his efforts were in vain. As there were no indications of any results, he turned to the internet for tips and tricks. That’s when he discovered that some things in life should not be taken literally.


The planned “How To Train Your Ghost EP” had to be renamed and the 6 tracks owed to Void+1 had to be written by himself in 15 minutes using nothing but a rave-whistle and military-grade, V+1-dental-floss (so, all analogue production).

As for the faith of the “Ghost”, Void+1 Industries will keep that information classified for the next 56 years, but we assure you, no Rituals have been performed on it… (yet). 

Serbian music producer and DJ, Scalameriya, has crafted a distinctive niche within the saturated realm of techno. He amalgamates elements from the harder-edged side of the techno scene with broken beats and sci-fi-inspired motifs, as exemplified in his 2018 EP titled “Hellzone Megapunk,” released on Perc Trax.

Originating from Kragujevac, the fourth largest city in Serbia, Scalameriya swiftly cultivated his unique sound, unaffected by the broader techno influences. By infusing his passion for anime, science fiction, and gaming into his musical creations, Scalameriya made his debut on his self-founded label, Genesa, in 2009 with the “Sandstorm EP.” This minimal techno exploration marked the inception of the dystopian sound that would characterize his subsequent releases. Scalameriya began to make a name for himself with works appearing on Eminor, Phobiq, and Globox, while simultaneously building a successful DJ career with European tours.

In 2012, he collaborated with Bosnian producer Forest People, releasing “Devicta” on Planet Rhythm Records. Scalameriya continued to release more material on his own label, including “Lock Down” and “Subterranean Transmitter EPs” in 2014. In the following year, he joined forces with Italian producer VSK, contributing to releases on Power Vacuum and Perc Trax. His sonic direction evolved from the atmospheric and dystopian techno he was renowned for, embracing a more frenetic, industrial-tinged style. In 2016, he unveiled his debut album, “Hubris,” on his own label. During the subsequent two years, Scalameriya delivered EPs for London-based Them, Tommy Four Seven’s “47” imprint, and the “Hellzone Megapunk EP” for Perc Trax. The year 2019 witnessed his return to Power Vacuum with “Enhance… Stop!” and another release with Them, titled the “Forsaken EP.”

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