MEET:LUI TRASH photos by Grzegorz Bacinski & Izabella Chrobok

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LUITRASH makes hand made accessories, which makes brave people stand out of the crowd. Interview and photos by KEYI Studio for Keyi Magazine
LUITRASH makes hand made accessories, which makes brave people stand out of the crowd. Interview and photos by KEYI Studio for Keyi Magazine
LUITRASH makes hand made accessories, which makes brave people stand out of the crowd. Interview and photos by KEYI Studio for Keyi Magazine
LUITRASH makes hand made accessories, which makes brave people stand out of the crowd. Interview and photos by KEYI Studio for Keyi Magazine

Berlin based designer LUITRASH makes hand made accessories, which makes brave people stand out of the crowd. Her unique style has been recognised and appreciated not only by Berlin club culture, but also alternative fashion lovers worldwide.


When did you first start designing and why did you get inspired to do it? 

In a sense making things, constructing, designing them started for me when my guitar teacher kicked me out of his class. The school I went to at that time offered different tracks and the musical one was no longer an option for obvious reasons. And that basically forced me into the creative arts department – something I didn’t think of or do before. It was the practical parts of the projects I did for school that sort of lead me to realize it was my passion. But designing clothes only started after I finished school



How long do you live in Berlin and how big influence has this city for you?

I moved here at the age of eighteen – how long that is that’s a very subjective thing. A big question. I think it’s mostly about the many people I met and the freedom I found, things on the outside so to say, that changed things on the inside. And that also changed the city for me again. Bottom line is, it helped me to find myself.

在柏林生活多久啦? 这个城市对你的影响有多大?

我十八岁就搬到这里来了–具体多少时间,这是一个很主观的事情。 一个大问题。我想主要是我遇到了很多人,找到了自由,外面的事情可以说,改变了内心的东西。而这也再次改变了我的城市。最重要的是,它帮助我找到了自己。

How did you find out the name Lui Trash?

I literally do not have any recollection apart from not wanting to use my real name on social media.

你怎么想到这个名字(Lui Trash)的?


What about your family? Did they always support your project?

Yeah, my family has always been very supportive – especially by not pressuring me into any direction or nudging me to make the „right“ or „rational“ choices.


是的,我的家人一直都很支持我–尤其是没有向任何方向施压,也没有怂恿我做出 “正确 “或 “理性 “的选择。

Have you ever thought to have your fashion show or you had already one? Have you ever studied fashion design?

Yes I studied fashion design here in Berlin. It was also at university where we had a fashion show which we organized and ran as a group. With my current label being a one-person-business covering everything from design, production, logistics, concepts and organization for photoshoots I got to prioritize. And a fashion show just doesn’t make it to the top of that list. That’s a lot of event planning and other work that has to go into it if you don’t wanna end up with something half-baked— so I’d rather stick to developing my brand and my designs as much as I can. 



What do you draw on for inspiration when you start a new design?

Partly it comes back to Berlin and my surroundings and their impact on me – you might call it my inner journey. The better I get to know myself the more I can express what I make of the things I perceive from the outside. But it’s difficult to point at particular things. The whole process is dynamic and changed over the years. At first I did a lot by means of drawing, so I sketched new pieces and then took the ideas to the material. Now I mostly flipped that around. The ideas come while draping the material. I start constructing, pinning stuff on the puppet and then new ideas pop up and I incorporate them as I go. In the end I’ve got something in front of me that I could not have thought of straight away.



What kind of accessory is your favorite to design?

It’s really the process that is all the fun and it can be fun for everything.



Can you describe your favourite photoshoot for us?

Honestly, photoshoots sort of wreck me. I get really anxious about basically every single aspect of the: keeping everything in mind that needs to be prepared. But one of my first shoots was at Pfaueninsel – a little island in the Havel in the south of Berlin. The place was just really beautiful and inspiring and that really soothed my nerves



What plans do you have for the future and where do you see your business in five or ten years?

Looking back five years ago I would never have thought I would be who and where I am now. I think its equally impossible to say anything about what’s going on in five years. Instead of throwing my plans out the window when suddenly everything comes different, I’ve scrapped making plans altogether.



How has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected your business?

It certainly caused a lot of uncertainty and there was a moment when people did buy a lot less. But I guess that’s very normal when everyone is busy adapting to a global pandemic. Even now I notice that the stores where I am stocked seem to struggle with fewer customers coming by. And then there is the clubs being closed and I guess that’s an important place for people to wear my designs. Other than that my working environment hasn’t changed a lot. I’ve always worked from home and with social media and different platforms to directly reach my customers.



What can everyone be doing in Berlin right now to support local artists like yourself during this hectic time?

First thing is easy: buy local. And if anyone among the people that you usually buy from or support is hit by the pandemic really strongly because it’s something that is definitely shut down then check if they have ventured into something new, something alternative and see if maybe you find that cool as well and support them with that




What is your favorite accessory to wear?

Can be anything that I feel strongly about at the time and that just feels unique.



What is your favourite place to design in?

Because of my process, as I described, it’s my workshop where I have my materials around me and my design unfolding on the puppet.



“Distorted Fantasy” is the name for this photo-story art directed by KEYI STUDIO [ Grzegorz Bacinski + Izabella Chrobok ] who were inspired by fantasy aesthetics and David Lynch movies.

Photography and retouch
Grzegorz Bacinski @eyes_dice
Izabella Chrobok @berlin_bunny_
KEYI STUDIO @keyistudio
Story published in @dreck.magazine & @keyimagazine

Lueasy_ @lueasy_
Avanya @avanya
Alis @alisxlis

Make up and Hair
Eva Hel @evaxhel
Janette Peters @janetteptrsmua

Lui Trash @lui.trash