Andy Martin presents his new album “Antiguos Astronautas” on Diaspora Echoes + Track premiere, interview

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The concept is based on the “Ancient Astronauts” who are believed to be pre-Columbian civilizations in the American continent with very advanced knowledge that even now at days we don’t have information on how they had such advanced knowledge about astronomy, mathematics, architecture, and science in general. The album explores the idea of what would happen if suddenly we were able to access this futuristic knowledge unknown to us. Ancient American cultures usually are seen as something that belongs only to history books, museums, and collapsed civilizations with no relevance in our modern world. With this concept, I would like to make a narrative of these cultures in a futuristic sci-fi scenario and take these “past” cultures into the future to experience them from other new perspectives and this Album is the soundtrack to it.

这个概念是基于 “古代宇航员”,他们被认为是美洲大陆的前哥伦布文明,拥有非常先进的知识,即使是现在,我们也没有关于他们如何拥有如此先进的天文、数学、建筑和一般科学知识的信息。这张专辑探讨的是,如果我们突然能够获得这些不为人知的未来知识,会发生什么。美国古代文化通常被视为只属于历史书、博物馆和崩溃的文明的东西,与我们的现代世界毫无关系。有了这个概念,我想在未来的科幻场景中对这些文化进行叙述,并把这些 “过去的 “文化带到未来,从其他新的角度来体验它们,这张专辑就是它的背景音乐。

The artwork is a futuristic sci-fi 3D art reinterpretation of  “Ollin” a prehispanic symbol that means “Movement or Motion” and is also related to prehispanic calendars and astronomy in different cultures of ancient America.

该作品是对 “Ollin “的未来主义科幻3D艺术的重新诠释,”Ollin “是一个前西班牙的符号,意思是 “运动或动向”,也与前西班牙的日历和古美洲不同文化中的天文学有关。



Andy Martin is a Mexican-Jamaican producer who mixes up sci-fi techno and Latin Caribbean sounds with a futuristic edge. A key part of his native scene and someone right at the vanguard, he plays all over the continent. With a career of more than 10 years making music and djing all around Mexico, Latin America, and in Europe. We can identify Andy Martin from his sound strongly influenced by dub and techno fusion.

Hey Andy, how are you ? if you could introduce yourself to us

I’m Andy Martin, I’m a Mexican Jamaican electronic artist based in Guadalajara, México. I have been involved in electronic music for more than a decade in the Mexican scene and also in Latin America. My previous works were a collaboration I did with Lee Scratch Perry called Revolution and an ambient album which is an audiovisual live act that I have been performing in Art venues around Mexico, my most recent work is the album “Antiguos Astronautas”.

嘿,安迪,你好吗? 如果你能向我们介绍一下你自己。

我是安迪-马丁,我是一个墨西哥的牙买加电子艺术家,在墨西哥的瓜达拉哈拉。我在墨西哥场景和拉丁美洲参与电子音乐已经超过十年了。我以前的作品是与Lee Scratch Perry合作的《革命》和一张环境专辑,这是一个视听现场表演,我一直在墨西哥的艺术场所表演,我最近的作品是专辑《Antiguos Astronautas》。

Speaking about the album, which consists of ten strong tracks which you titled prehispanic cyberpunk, you combine history with a futuristic atmosphere. How did you come up with the idea for the album?

I find fascinating the fact that we don’t have any information on how a lot of the buildings made in ancient America were made, most of them have a specific alignment with constellations or stars, and the blocks with which they were built weigh tons, Most of these blocks were brought from many kilometers from where these buildings are located and even today we don’t have any clue of how they did it. we believe that we are at the peak of human knowledge but maybe not. Ancient American cultures are always related to something of the past, that only belongs to history books and as an artist, I wanted to explore these cultures from other perspectives so we can experience this legacy in new artistic narratives, trying to picture these cultures in a futuristic scenario in the year 4000 or maybe something that already happens 12000 years ago.

谈到这张专辑,它由十首强有力的曲目组成,你将其命名为prehispanic cyberpunk,你将历史与未来主义的氛围结合起来。你是如何想到这张专辑的想法的?


We are excited to premiere Teoria Sintergica and present this futuristic sci-fi sound with the raw clinch of techno to our audience. Which personally attracts us the most from all the tracks, however the choice wasn’t easy between such great productions. Could you tell us about the process and the combination with the name of the track?

The name “Teoria Sintergica” comes from a theory of a Mexican scientist called Jacobo Grinberg, he was a neurophysiology fascinated with consciousness, and his theory proposes that there is a main component that made the whole universe called “lattice” and the interaction between the lattice and the neuronal fields from our brain make a distortion to the lattice and its what creates our perception of reality. unfortunately, Grinberg disappears in the 90s and no one knows about him since then. for the music process of the track, I wanted to do something that could be stimulant to the listening experience, so there is a lot of synthesis modulation on the main sounds of the track and all the drums are Latin and Caribbean rhythms in an abstract way so it sounds more interesting when you put everything together.

我们很高兴能首演Teoria Sintergica,并向我们的听众展示这种未来主义的科幻声音和技术的原始碰撞。在所有的曲目中,哪首曲子最吸引我们,然而在这么好的作品中选择并不容易。你能告诉我们这个过程以及与曲目名称的结合吗?

Teoria Sintergica “这个名字来自于一位叫Jacobo Grinberg的墨西哥科学家的理论,他是一位对意识非常着迷的神经生理学专家,他的理论提出,有一个主要成分构成了整个宇宙,叫做 “格子”,格子和我们大脑的神经元场之间的互动使格子发生了扭曲,它创造了我们对现实的感知。不幸的是,格林伯格在90年代消失了,从那时起没有人知道他。对于这首曲子的音乐过程,我想做一些可以刺激听觉体验的东西,所以在这首曲子的主要声音上有很多合成调制,所有的鼓都是拉丁和加勒比节奏的抽象方式,所以当你把所有东西放在一起时,听起来更有趣。

You already got the support from top artists in the industry, how do you see next steps in your career ? and what are your future plans ?

I’m looking forward to promoting this album in 2023 so I would like to make some tours around the world for it, I also want to continue a series of EPs around this concept for Diaspora Echoes which is the label I did to release this album. 

你已经得到了业内顶级艺术家的支持,你如何看待你职业生涯的下一步? 你的未来计划是什么?

我期待着在2023年推广这张专辑,所以我想为它在世界各地做一些巡演,我还想围绕这个概念为Diaspora Echoes继续做一系列的EP,这是我为发行这张专辑做的标签。


Diaspora Echoes

Andy Martin